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What's New with News Rover

News Rover Version 24.1, Rev. 0 is the current released version.

Click here to download the most recent upgrade installation file.

If you are currently running an older version, a registered user, and want the latest version, Click Here for instructions on how to upgrade. Note: If you are licensed already for News Rover version 24.x, you do not need to get a new key to install an update in the version 24 series.

Here are News Rover release notes, begining with the current version and going back in time, explaining the different enhancments and bug fixes that have been done to News Rover.

======== Version 24.1, Rev. 0: 17 Sep 2018 ========

  • Fix a problem with display filter loading that could cause News Rover to hang on startup.
  • ======== Version 24.0, Rev. 0: 4 Sep 2018 ========

  • Add an option to the Configure/Advanced screen to cause News Rover to not display requests for passwords for password protected RAR files.
  • Improve sorting the message list by subject by removing "Re:" "Repost" and non-alphanumeric characters from the sort order.
  • Sort the list of display filters in the drop-down list.
  • Fix a bug that could cause News Rover to crash when decompressing some RAR files.
  • Enhance the checking and warning done when trying to launch a downloaded attachment with dangerous file types like .exe, .bat, etc.

    ======== Version 23.0, Rev. 0: 8 Sep 2017 ========

  • Performance improvements when downloading and there are a large number of messages in the download queue.
  • Fix a problem that could cause News Rover to crash when parsing some nzb files.
  • Fix a problem deleting a block of selected messages (some were being skipped)
  • Add standard file type filters for .aac audio files.
  • Do not download message headers for Autoscan groups if the date if the message is older than the groups expiration period.

  • Improve the memory cache used to store parts of multi-messages before they are combined.

  • Fix a bug that could cause messages in very large newsgroups to be deleted when News Rover was stopped and restarted.

    ======== Version 22.0, Rev. 0: 8 Sep 2016 ========

  • Analysis of performance and optimization for use with Internet connections of 100 Mbps and faster.

  • Numerous bug fixes.

    ======== Version 21.0, Rev. 2: 28 June 2016 ========

  • Fix a couple of bugs that could cause crashes on unusual messages.

  • Fix a bug sorting messages by size.
  • Retry new file creations if a creation error occurs.
  • ======== Version 21.0, Rev. 1: 4 Dec 2015 ========

  • When multiple RAR file sets are selected from search hits and Get Sected Files is clicked, only display prompt for first one. Use same parameters for the others silently.

  • Fix a bug that prevented News Rover from adding "-nnn" to file names to make them unique.

    ======== Version 21.0, Rev. 0: 8 Sep 2015 ========

  • Modify message header update processing so it's possible to get a limited number of old headers even if the option is enabled to automatically update headers as a background task.

  • Redesigned PAR processing to handle cases that previously could not be recovered.

  • Greatly speed up loading the list of messages for a newsgroup being selected if there are a large number of messages in the download queue.

  • Modified NZB file processing to allow it to accept files generated by

  • Added a right-click option for messages with file attachments to open the News Rover folder where the files are stored.
  • ======== Version 20.0, Rev. 0: 2 Sep 2014 ========

  • Fixed major security hole in SSL connection code. The bug made News Rover vulnerable to the "heartbleed" virus and several over viruses. It is highly recommended that all users upgrade to this version to protect themselves against the security risk.
  • Fix a bug that could search downloads to crash if an RAR file set contained sectioned with the extension ".snn".
  • Reduce the height of the Autoscan property screens.

    ======== Version 19.1, Rev. 0: 27 Dec 2013 ========

  • Fixed bug in the search hit list when sorting by size.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the 64-bit version of News Rover to crash when starting downloads from a search or nzb file.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash if a search filter was modified while scans were running.
  • Fixed bug that caused memory to be lost (memory leak) if a message download error occurred.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash when doing PAR correction for some badly corrupted files.
  • ======== Version 19.0, Rev. 0: 30 Aug 2013 ========

  • Major new release with a number of bugs fixed that could cause News Rover to crash on unusual messages.
  • Numerous improvements including improvements in cleaning up lost and left-over temp files.
  • Performance optimizations from a thorough code review and performance analysis monitoring.
  • ======== Version 18.2, Rev. 3: 5 Mar 2013 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash when combining the parts of some unusual messages.
  • ======== Version 18.2, Rev. 2: 18 Jan 2013 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash on some extremely long subject lines.
  • ======== Version 18.2, Rev. 1: 8 Jan 2013 ========

  • Fixed bug that could cause PAR error correction processing to fail when processing some badly corrupted files.
  • ======== Version 18.2, Rev. 0: 2 Jan 2013 ========

  • Changed the column in the message list that used to display the number of downloaded file attachments to instead show the size of the message.

  • Speeded up Autoscan header downloads and scans.

  • Improved the Save-as screen so that the browse screen starts at the same folder as was selected last time.

  • Fixed a problem that caused News Rover to always overwrite files when Save-as was done rather than using the overwrite/make-unique option setting.

  • Fixed a bug related to finding the starting message for Autoscan groups when the newsgroup(s) begin scanned were very large.

    ======== Version 18.1, Rev. 6: 16 Oct 2012 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused problems recognizing split-file message sets (i.e., file.mpg.001, etc.) by Autoscan interest groups set to get only messages with file attachments.
  • ======== Version 18.1, Rev. 5: 12 Oct 2012 ========

  • Fixed a bug related to the use of parentheses in search filters.
  • ======== Version 18.1, Rev. 4: 9 Oct 2012 ========

  • Increased the number of message headers downloaded each cycle for the 64-bit version of News Rover to 2 million.
  • Fixed a bug in search filters related to parentheses inside quote marks.
  • ======== Version 18.1, Rev. 3: 2 Oct 2012 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Autoscan to crash.
  • Increased the number of messages headers downloaded on each cycle to 1 million.
  • ======== Version 18.1, Rev. 2: 1 Oct 2012 ========

  • Fixed a bug that on rare occasions could cause News Rover to crash when downloads were queued from the search screen.
  • Fixed a problem affecting certain types of nzb files.
  • Improved the operation of the RoverNZB program that handles external nzb files.
  • ======== Version 18.1, Rev. 1: 26 Sep 2012 ========

  • Fixed a bug related to downloading fewer than 500,000 of the most recent message headers.
  • ======== Version 18.1, Rev. 0: 26 Sep 2012 ========

  • Improved processing of split-file message sets with associated PAR files.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented it from getting the requested number of message headers if you specified a specific number and requested the most recent headers.
  • Fixed a bug affecting Save-as from the picture gallery for a picture that was dynamically added while the gallery was open.
  • Fixed a bug with using Move-to on a group of files in the File Attachments section of a group.
  • ======== Version 18.0, Rev. 4: 21 Sep 2012 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused Save-as and Move-to to fail when used from the slide show screen.
  • ======== Version 18.0, Rev. 3: 16 Sep 2012 ========

  • Added a button to create a new folder to the Save-As screen.
  • ======== Version 18.0, Rev. 2: 14 Sep 2012 ========

  • If the folder specified for a Save-as or Move-to operation does not exist, News Rover now prompts to see if you want to create it.
  • ======== Version 18.0, Rev. 1: 11 Sep 2012 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused News Rover to crash if multiple messages were selected and Save-As was requested.
  • Fixed a bug that caused News Rover to crash when the screen was entered to post a message.
  • ======== Version 18.0, Rev. 0: 4 Sep 2012 ========

  • Major work has gone into producing a 64-bit version of News Rover that can handle very large newsgroups. Note: You must be running a 64-bit version of Windows to use the 64-bit version of News Rover. A 32-bit version of News Rover 18 is available if you are running a 32-bit version of Windows.

    We have tested the 64-bit version on newsgroups having over 50 million messages, but theoretically it should be able to handle groups much bigger than that. Note that even though it can handle huge numbers of messages, it's not necessarily a good idea to store that many since it takes time to load them into memory when you select a group.

  • In addition to producing the 64-bit version of News Rover, we have put a lot of work into optimizing performance. Many common operations use less than 50% as much CPU time as previous versions.
  • Fixed several memory leaks.
  • Reworked memory management so as to significantly reduce the number of allocations and deallocations done during normal operations.
  • Added an option to the display filters to control whether RAR file sets that have only a single section should be displayed. Viruses are often distributed in single-section RAR file sets, whereas real videos are usually in mult-section RAR file sets.
  • Added an option to the display filters to control whether PAR files that are not associated with other file sets should be displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if downloads were aborted by clicking the stop-sign icon while SSL connections were open.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause message processing to hang if certain types of errors occurred while downloading.
  • ======== Version 17.1, Rev. 0: 18 Oct 2011 ========

  • Fixed a bug that prevented message filters in Autoscan groups to work if they were set to search the full body of decoded messages.

  • Modified regular expression matching so that carriage-return and line-feed characters occurring within the search string are ignored. Spaces at the end of lines are also now ignored.

  • Improved the RoverNZB program so that it now remembers the last setting of the option flags.

    ======== Version 17.0, Rev. 3: 16 Sep 2011 ========

  • Fixed a bug that prevented downloads for a small number of customers.

  • Fixed a display problem that prevented automatic screen scrolling when an entry near the top or bottom was selected.

  • Fixed a problem that prevented the currently-selected message entry from getting a download priority boost.

    ======== Version 17.0, Rev. 0: 6 Sep 2011 ========

  • Added Regular Expressions as an option to message filtering expressions. On any of the screens where you can specify Include/Exclude filters, you now have the option of using either the traditional expression matching technique which is word-based using boolean operators such as AND, OR, NOT, or you can specify that you want to use regular expressions as search filters.

    Regular expression searches are very powerful: You can find patterns in the middle of words, and you can construct complex patterns that match variations of strings. You can, for example, search for strings beginning with certain characters and containing other characters within a specified distance.

    To get detailed information about specifying regular expressions, click the button labeled "Help on search expressions" which appears on each filter screen.

  • Reduced the CPU time required to search the download queue to find the next message to start downloading. The improvement is noticable when there are a lot of entries in the queue.

  • Improved the duplicate message checking feature so that it has significantly less overhead.

  • Fixed a bug that caused News Rover to "forget" which message was the currently selected message in a newsgroup.

  • Fixed a bug that could under rare conditions cause Include/Exclude filters for Autoscan Interest Groups to give false matches.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to be unable to open a file extracted from an RAR archive if the file name had a space as the first character.

    ======== Version 16.2, Rev. 0: 11 Jan 2011 ========

  • Modified News Rover so that it can handle 64-bit message index numbers which are starting to show up in some very large newsgroups.

  • Added options to the Include/Exclude filter screens to select whether the filters are applied to the subject, the sender, or the subject and sender.

  • Reduced the overhead required when multipart messages are queued for download.

    ======== Version 16.1, Rev. 2: 14 Dec 2010 ========

  • Fixed a bug that allowed include/exclude filters to match portions of the message header other than the subject.

  • Added a duplicate, backup copy of the ng.dat file to store newsgroup information. The backup copy will be used automatically if the primary file gets deleted or corrupted.

    ======== Version 16.1, Rev. 1: 10 Nov 2010 ========

  • Split-file messages within NZB files were not being automatically combined.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented News Rover from being able to create unique file names above "-1".

  • Added options to the Configure/Advanced screen to enable/disable the use of separate folder for RAR and NZB files.

    ======== Version 16.1, Rev. 0: 2 Nov 2010 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause News Rover to report "Unable to create file in folder..." if a file with the same name as the file being decoded already existed.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause folders created for RAR and NZB files to be left around if the enclosed files were deleted from the picture gallery or files list.

    ======== Version 16.0, Rev. 3: 15 Oct 2010 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused News Rover to report it couldn't create a file folder after downloading an RAR file that had characters in its name that are not valid in a folder name.

  • The Move-To function did not completely clear the association between a message and its attached file.

  • You could not view full-size pictures by double clicking a thumbnail in the picture gallery if the gallery was for an Autoscan group that was set to use the newsgroup name as part of the folder name.

  • Added "m4v" as a default video file type to the multimedia file type lists.

    ======== Version 16.0, Rev. 2: 28 Sep 2010 ========

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the options to sort by name or message count from appearing on the newsgroup subscription screen.

  • Fixed a bug that caused it to always use 2 million as the number of headers for a new group rather than using the value specified on the Configure/Defaults screen.

  • Changed the default for new installations so that separate folders are not created for RAR and NZB files if downloads are being stored directly into an external folder. There is an option on the Configure/Advanced screen you can use to turn the option on.

  • When initiated from the Global Search Screen, the option to force unconditional PAR checking of split file messages did not work.

    ======== Version 16.0, Rev. 1: 14 Sep 2010 ========

  • Added an option to the Configure/Advanced screen to disable the feature that creates separate folders for downloaded RAR and NZB files. You can use this option if you prefer to have all files go into the same folder.

  • Fixed a bug related to the "Save" option presented by right clicking on a thumbnail image in the picture gallery.

    ======== Version 16.0, Rev. 0: 7 Sep 2010 ========

  • The focus of improvements in version 16 is for performance -- especially when downloading large files through broadband connections. We have done extensive testing and benchmarking using a 50 MB/sec DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, and the results of the improvement are dramatic.

    We have added a sophisticated, multi-threading caching system that eliminates the need for temp files when downloading and decoding messages. This reduces the total disk I/O by 75% (not counting RAR decompression). This reduction in disk I/O increases the download speed and reduces the impact of News Rover on your system.

    In addition to the caching system, we added a final output stage that can buffer up to 32MB of data and write the blocks to the disk asynchronously. So if the disk is busy, News Rover can continue to download and decode and then burst the data out when the disk can accept it.

  • We have added a pop-up image preview screen to display thumbnail pictures of JPG images as they are downloaded. To open the screen, click the icon near the middle of the toolbar that looks like a screen with a small window in it. You can move and resize the display window. Whenever a JPG image is downloaded it will be displayed in the preview window. The preview window works with any method of downloading images -- subscribed newsgroups, Autoscan, or Usenet search, but it is particularly useful when you are using an Autoscan group to scan and download pictures from an image newsgroup.

    There are two options on the Configure/General page related to the preview screen: (1) you can specify the minimum amount of time that an image will be displayed before it is replaced by the next one, and (2) you can detach the preview window from News Rover. If you detach the preview window, then it can be displayed while News Rover is minimized.

  • The output of RAR and NZB files are now put in private subfolders to avoid file name conflicts. There is an option on the Configure/Advanced screen to disable this feature if you prefer to have all files go into the same folder.

  • We have added a field to the main-screen status bar to display the current download speed. This allows you to easily monitor the network speed without having to open any other windows.

  • Options have been added to the newsgroup subscription screen to sort the list of newsgroups either by name or by number of messages in the groups.

  • Options have been added to the global Usenet search screen to sort the search hits by date, subject, or size.

  • When a sender is blocked by right clicking and selecting "Sender.../Block messages from sender", all messages posted by the sender in the current group are deleted, and a background task is started that deletes all messages posted by the sender in other groups.

  • A new right-click option has been added to the message list. You can right click on a message entry and select "Sender.../Delete current messages from sender" to delete all messages posted by the sender in the current newsgroup without blocking the sender.

  • Improved the way unique file names are created by appending "-nn" in the case where file names have more than one period.

  • Fixed a bug involving the NEAR and BEFORE operators in search filters.

    ======== Version 15.3, Rev. 2: 11 May 2010 ========

  • Fixed a problem that could cause tagged messages to fail to start downloading if News Rover was configured with more than one Usenet news server.

    ======== Version 15.3, Rev. 1: 29 Apr 2010 ========

  • Fixed a couple of bugs related to downloading files queued for download from external nzb files.

    ======== Version 15.3, Rev. 0: 20 Apr 2010 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause yEnc file decoding to fail.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause temp files to be left behind if download failures occurred.

    ======== Version 15.2, Rev. 3: 2 Mar 2010 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Autoscan to crash.

    ======== Version 15.2, Rev. 2: 24 Feb 2010 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to report that JPG files could not be decoded.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause files downloaded using Autoscan to be corrupted.

    ======== Version 15.2, Rev. 1: 16 Feb 2010 ========

  • Improved the algorithm that identifies the sections of RAR files.

  • Fixed a bug that broke the option to display a list of possible news servers when adding a new server.

    ======== Version 15.2, Rev. 0: 9 Feb 2010 ========

  • Improved I/O processing so News Rover puts a lower I/O load on the system and uses less CPU time doing I/O. These changes set the foundation for some major I/O work planned for version 16.

  • Allow sender blocking to block senders with invalid e-mail addresses.

  • Added an option to the Configure/Advanced screen to enable/disable the analysis of ambiguous message part numbers.

    ======== Version 15.1, Rev. 0: 10 Nov 2009 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to leave temp files around if multipart messages were deleted while they were being downloaded.

    ======== Version 15.0, Rev. 5: 22 Oct 2009 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash when Autoscan was storing pending parts for a multi-part message.

    ======== Version 15.0, Rev. 4: 20 Oct 2009 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused the message line count to always be zero for Autoscan interest groups.

    ======== Version 15.0, Rev. 3: 8 Oct 2009 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash occasionally when new messages were being downloaded while other messages were being decompressed and deleted.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the line count for decoded messages to show as 0.

    ======== Version 15.0, Rev. 2: 29 Sep 2009 ========

  • We made a change to Autoscan so that it does not hang for a long time when trying to find the first message in a large newsgroup.

  • The screen displayed to get new messages for a subscribed newgroup now remembers whether the last choice was to get old or new message headers.

    ======== Version 15.0, Rev. 1: 11 Sep 2009 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause some downloads started from nzb files to hang.

    ======== Version 15.0, Rev. 0: 8 Sep 2009 ========

    Version 15 is a major new release. The focus of this version is speed. Version 15 has the most significant speed increase in the history of the product.

  • We have done a major redesign of the process that combines the parts of multipart messages. The new system is much faster, and it does less disk I/O. Here are the specific changes:

    1. Total disk I/O required to download and combine the parts of multipart messages has been reduced by about 40%. This has removed a major bottleneck in downloading large, multipart files.

    2. The combining of parts is now done in a separate execution thread that runs concurrently with the downloading of additional parts. So most of the time when the last part arrives, all previous parts have already been combined and written to the output file. This drastically reduces the wait time for it to combine parts after the download finishes.

    3. We have changed the file type used for temporary work files from .msg to .tmp. This avoids triggering anti-virus scans of temp files by programs such as AVG.

    We have tested version 15 by downloading millions of messages through a 50 MB/sec DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem. Running on a fairly fast computer, News Rover is able to maintain a sustained, average download rate of 6000 kB/sec (48 MB/sec). There is a slowdown when the disk is doing intensive I/O to decompress an RAR file, but during normal downloads the speed averages about 6000 kB/sec. The tests were run using 30 simultaneous connections to a fast Usenet news server.

  • We fixed a bug that prevented Autoscan from storing multipart messages under some circumstances.

  • We increased the maximum length of message subject lines from 300 to 600 characters.

  • A parameter field has been added to the Configure/Advanced screen to allow you to set how long Usenet searches will wait before timing out.

  • Changed the default style for new installations to Metallic. You can change the style on the Configure/Styles screen.

  • We added a new option to the Control menu to clean out News Rover's non-critical Registry entries. This removes all of News Rover's Registry entries other than your registration information and the location of the program and data folders.

    ======== Version 14.2, Rev. 2: 21 July 2009 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause downloads started from nzb file to occasionally get the wrong parts of files.

    ======== Version 14.2, Rev. 1: 23 Jun 2009 ========

  • Fixed a problem that caused Autoscan interest groups that download the full bodies of messages to reject all multi-part messages as duplicates.

    ======== Version 14.2, Rev. 0: 14 Apr 2009 ========

  • Fixed a bug related using both the option to require a password to start News Rover and also the option to ask for confirmation before shutting down News Rover.

  • Updated to the latest version of Apple iTunes SDK.

  • Added automatic retries to getting download information from the search server.

  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause the Global Usenet Search to report it could not receive results from the search server.

    ======== Version 14.1, Rev. 2: 2 Dec 2008 ========

  • When the yellow envelop icon is clicked to clear the "new" status for messages in a group and the current display filter is set to display only new messages, the message list is refreshed immediately to remove the display of messages that are no longer new.

    ======== Version 14.1, Rev. 1: 26 Nov 2008 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the scrolling position to be set incorrectly after deleting the last message in the list for a group if the number of messages required more than a single display page.

    ======== Version 14.1, Rev. 0: 11 Nov 2008 ========

  • The File Search and Text Message Search have been consolidated into a single, unified "Newsgroup Search". The Newsgroup Search can be used to find any type of message -- with or without file attachments.

  • Search requests are now encrypted before being sent to the search server, and search hits are encrypted in the reply.

  • Fixed a bug in Save-As and Move-To that prevented a specified output file name from being used if the "Save file" button was clicked rather than "Save".

  • Fixed a bug in the file cleanup routine that incorrectly tried to delete the Parts.db database.

    ======== Version 14.0, Rev. 2: 22 Sep 2008 ========

  • Reenabled the ability to browse the Newsgroup Search screeen messages while the search screen is up.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Save-As and Move-To to not use the designated output folder.

  • Fixed a bug in the feature to switch automatically into protected mode after a period of inactivity.

    ======== Version 14.0, Rev. 1: 10 Sep 2008 ========

  • Fixed a bug that under rare circumstances could cause project files to be lost. The problem began with version 14.0 Rev. 0.

    ======== Version 14.0, Rev. 0: 9 Sep 2008 ========

  • News Rover now provides automatic handling for RAR files enclosed in split file messages. These messages have the form:
      file.rar.001    file.rar.002 etc.

    You can double click the entry for the file set, and News Rover will download all of the sections, combine them and then automatically perform the RAR decompression.

  • A new feature has been added to allow News Rover to shut down your computer when it finishes downloading the files in the queue. To enable automatic shutdown, click the On/Off icon near the right end of the toolbar that looks like a 1 inside a 0. The icon is also on the download queue screen.

  • The popup menu presented when you right click on a message in the Newsgroup Search groups has been enhanced so that it has all of the options available on the menu for a subscribed newsgroup.

  • We have overhauled the database system used for the folowing databases: Pending Autoscan message parts, Blocked senders, Duplicate messages, Duplicate files and File Signatures. The old system, which was based on Microsoft JET, had a file size limitation of 1 GB, it was slow, and databases sometimes got corrupted. The new system is based on the excellent SQLite system which has no file size limitations and which has an excellent reputation for speed and reliability.

    Because of this change, these databases will be recreated empty when Version 14 is installed. There is no change to the database system used to store newsgroup messages, so all of your newsgroups, Autoscan groups, messages lists and downloaded files will still be there.

  • A new option has been added to the Configure/Defaults screen to set News Rover to update the message list of subscribed newsgroups on an automatic, scheduled basis. It is recommended that this option be turned on if you regularly browse large groups that have frequent updates.

  • We have switched to a new installer program that should have fewer problems installing News Rover than the old InstallShield program.

  • You can now add multiple senders to the blocked senders database at the same time. Just select the set of messages whose senders you wish to block, the right click and select Sender.../Block messages from sender.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to unnecessarily redownload the message lists for newsgroups.

  • You can now specified the folder and the file name for the event log file.

  • Modified the Save-As and Move-To dialog screens so that if the output folder is changed and a file is skipped, the new folder is still set as the default for subsequent file stores.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause problems if a multi-part file was queued to be posted but the send was held for later and the outbox was browsed before the file was actually uploaded.

  • Fixed a bug related to using a quoted word in a search expression between two non-quoted words.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause problems if the ESC key was pressed while the Newsgroup Search screens were active.

  • Fixed a bug that under some conditions caused the Startup.log file to be placed in the wrong folder.

    ======== Version 13.3, Rev. 1: 27 May 2008 ========

  • The lower message panel is now updated when a multipart download finishes and the message is currently selected.

  • A confirmation box is now displayed if a request is made to stop News Rover while messages are in the download queue.

  • Improvements have been made to setting the initial focus to the Newsgroup Search screen.

    ======== Version 13.3, Rev. 0: 7 May 2008 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused serious display problems when News Rover was run with Vista 64 with SP1.

  • A pop-up error message is now displayed if News Rover is unable to store a file decoded from a message because the specified destination folder does not exist.

    ======== Version 13.2, Rev. 1: 16 Apr 2008 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to hang in some conditions if the up-arrow key was used to try to move above the top item in the message display list.

  • Made additional improvements to the error retry facility.

    ======== Version 13.2, Rev. 0: 26 Mar 2008 ========

  • Improved the error retry facility so that logon errors are retried as well as download I/O errors. There is a new parameter on the Configure/Advanced screen that specifies the number of times to retry errors.

  • Changed the Configure/Server screen so that it is now possible to have two entries for the same news server. You can specify a server nickname to cause the two entries to have different display names.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause News Rover to crash if the Delete key was held down to delete many messages while other messages were being downloaded by the same group.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause News Rover to crash if the message list was refreshed while performing a Save-As or Move-To operation.

  • When event logging is turned on, News Rover now presents a screen with a button that can be clicked to copy the event log file specification into the clipboard.

  • Removed the option from subscribed newsgroups and Autoscan to not combine parts of multipart messages.

    ======== Version 13.1, Rev. 3: 29 Jan 2008 ========

  • The up/down-arrow and page up/down keys can now be used to scroll through the newsgroup subscription list.

  • Improved setting focus to the correct screen when viewing and deleting pictures in the File Attachments section.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if a file was launched from the File Attachments section and the file attachments section was closed and reopened while the file was being launched.

  • Modified the Configure/Server screen so that the Total connection limit is forced to be at least as large as the Subscribed or Autoscan connection limits.

  • Made a change so that the currently selected message is not changed when a download of another message finishes.

    ======== Version 13.1, Rev. 2: 4 Dec 2007 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if the "Folders" item on the menu for the File Attachments section was clicked when there were no defined filing folders.

  • Improved the handling of arrow and Home/End keys in the search screens.

    ======== Version 13.1, Rev. 1: 21 Nov 2007 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash when pictures were deleted while viewing them in the Slide Show viewer.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the picture gallery display from being properly updated when all pictures were deleted.

  • Fixed a bug related to changing the encryption status of a group that had a file attachment larger than 2GB.

    ======== Version 13.1, Rev. 0: 6 Nov 2007 ========

  • Significantly speeded up deletion of messages when a block of selected messages are deleted.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if the Enter key was pressed while News Rover was busy deleting a set of selected messages.

  • Fixed the File Attachments screen so that you can right click and use "Move to folder".

  • Fixed a bug that caused the picture gallery not to display all pictures if it was opened in full-screen display mode.

  • Increased the size of the event log screen.

  • Increased the initial (default) size of the frame window for JPG picture display.

    ======== Version 13.0, Rev. 4: 23 Oct 2007 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Message Text Locator to report that the search results has the wrong format.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if you used the internal JPG viewer to try to view a picture that had been deleted.

  • When a registration key was entered that enabled the Password Protection Option, the acknowledgment screen sometimes did not say that the Password Option was enabled.

    ======== Version 13.0, Rev. 3: 4 Oct 2007 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused the picture gallery display not to be shown under some circumstances.

  • Fixed a bug that causes some screens to grow in height each time they were used.

  • Changed the JPG picture viewer so that the picture screen maintains the same size and position from view to view.

    ======== Version 13.0, Rev. 2: 5 Sep 2007 ========

  • Added controls to the Configure/E-mail screen to allow SSL connections to be enabled or disabled for SMTP and POP e-mail servers.

    ======== Version 13.0, Rev. 1: 4 Sep 2007 ========

  • We have done a major rework of the GUI look of News Rover. You can now select three different styles and several color themes. To select a style and color, go into the Configure/Styles configuration page. If you prefer the look of older versions, select the "Classic" style.

  • Support for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections has been added. To turn on SSL connections for a new server, go into the Configure/Server screen and check the box "SSL connection to port" near the top of the screen.

  • The Newsgroup Search screen can now be resized. To change the size, grab the right lower corner of the frame with your mouse cursor and drag it around.

  • An automated (scheduled) search feature has been added to cause News Rover to perform newsgroup searches on a scheduled basis. When search matches are found, News Rover can be configured to (1) automatically begin downloading them, (2) send you an e-mail notification message, (3) send an SMS text notification to your phone.

    To configure automated searches, get into the Newsgroup Search screen and click the "Set Favorites" button.

    If you haven't already specifed a list of favorite search terms, add one or more favorite search terms.

    Click the "Scheduled Search" button.

    Enable the schedule search feature, select how often you want searches to be done, and specify which actions you want performed when search matches are found.

  • A new configuration property page has been added where you can specify default settings for new groups. You can specify default parameters including whether news groups should be password protected and encrypted, where downloaded files should be stored and the expiration period for groups. To set these defaults, go into the Configure/Defaults configuration screen.

  • The screen displayed when you use Save-as or Move-to now includes buttons allowing you to save all selected files without having to click the "Save" button for each file. There are also buttons to skip an individual file save and to cancel the entire save.

  • A yellow envelope icon is shown at the left end of message lines that have not been read. This makes it easy to browse the message list and find new messages. You can mark all messages as no longer new by clicking the yellow envelope icon near the middle of the toolbar. You can also set and clear the new message status by right clicking on a message line and selecting "Mark..." from the popup menu.

  • Messages you have posted and replies to your messages are shown in red in the message list.

  • Improvements have been made to avoid memory size problems when downloading large numbers of message headers from big newsgroups. News Rover now pauses after downloading several hundred thousand headers, combines and stores them and then continues downloading more headers.

  • Several bugs have been fixed that could cause News Rover to crash.

    ======== Version 12.3, Rev. 0: 2 May 2007 ========

  • Improved the handling of socket connections so that fewer disconnections and reconnections are done.

  • Added a new parameter to the Configure/Server screen to specify how quickly to allow News Rover to open a new connection to a news server after a connection has been closed. Some news servers reqire a delay so that they can have time to decrement their connection counts.

  • A bug was fixed that caused sections of RAR file sets to be left behind when the PAR error correction system repaired a damaged section.

  • Autoscan message header scanning was slowed down when the parameter was set to limit how many minutes were spent scanning each newsgroup.

  • The message posting dates were not being properly displayed for Message Locator search results.

  • If a subscribed newsgroup was set to store downloaded files to an external folder and the "Save" option was selected from the popup menu to save a file to the default folder, News Rover could crash.

  • Added ".mkv" as a known multimedia file type.

    ======== Version 12.2, Rev. 0: 6 Mar 2007 ========

  • Two changes have been made for Windows Vista:
    1. On new installations, News Rover prompts for the directory where its databases and downloaded files are to be stored. By default the directory is associated with the current logon account. This allows multiple copies of News Rover to be run from different Windows accounts. Upgrades do not change the data directory.
    2. The Help system has been modified to work with Vista.

  • If an RAR decompression was started by double clicking a RAR file set and all of the sections had already been downloaded, the RAR sections were not deleted after the RAR decompression completed.

  • If an RAR file set was tagged for later download and decompression, the decompression did not take place when the downloads finished.

  • If an incomplete multipart message was tagged for later download, it was not downloaded when the downloads were done.

  • If an Autoscan interest group collected some parts of a multipart message on one scan and other parts on subsequent scans, the parts might not be combined properly.

  • Improved the retry and recovery procedure used when a news server reports the maximum number of simultaneous connections have been exceeded.

    ======== Version 12.1, Rev. 1: 23 Jan 2007 ========

  • News Rover could crash if a different newsgroup was selected while it was busy queueing a large group of messages for download for a different group.

  • Added a facility to track memory usage and provide detailed information if a memory exhaustion problem occurs.

    ======== Version 12.1, Rev. 0: 10 Jan 2007 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to hang when running under Windows Vista when the last download completed while the Queue View display screen was open.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the password protection and encryption options from working with filing folders.

  • Changing the setting of the option to download tagged messages on a scheduled basis did not always take effect until News Rover was stopped and restarted.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause files to be incorrectly excluded as duplicates if two or more Autoscan interest groups scanned the same newsgroups.

  • Made some optimizations to reduce the time for News Rover to start and exit.

  • Changed the default execution priority for multipart combine and RAR decompression to be "Normal".

  • A bug was fixed that could occasionally cause News Rover to crash if the message list for a group was refreshed shortly after some messages were deleted.

  • Added a progress dialog while encrypting or decrypting large files.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause some file attachments to become inaccessable if News Rover was moved to a different directory.

  • Speeded up queueing RAR files for download from the File Locator search screen.

  • Increased the size of the status bar field used to show the number of entries in the download queue.

  • Improved the automatic recovery done when the primary configuration file is missing or corrupted.

  • Fixed a problem related to downloading split-file message sets with unused .000 sections using the File Locator.

    ======== Version 12.0, Rev. 1: 18 Oct 2006 ========

  • Added a new option to the Newsgroup Search property screens to cause News Rover to pause downloads while a search is being performed. This can be turned on if the connection load from downloads is so heavy that it interfers with searches.

  • The options to enable/disable thumbnail picture generation and set the size of thumbnails has been removed from individual group properties and changed to be a global property. The settings are now on the Configure/General screen.

  • Improved the accuracy of the estimated message download completion time.

  • If the Home or End keys were pressed after the File Attachment Locator reported that no matches were found, News Rover could crash.

  • The display filter to show only new messages for the current session has been repaired.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the password protection and encryption checkboxes not to work with filing folders.

  • Modified the message "tagging" function so that incomplete multipart messages can be tagged for download.

  • If a directory on a remote compute is specified as a file save directory, News Rover never attempts to create that directory. You must pre-create it.

    ======== Version 12.0, Rev. 0: 11 Sep 2006 ========

  • Major improvements have been made to the message database structure to speed up the loading of the message list when you select a group. For large, multipart groups, version 12 is up to 10 times as fast as previous versions. Groups you subscribe to or create with version 12 will automatically use the new structure. The first time you run version 12, it will display a screen asking if you want it to convert your existing databases to the new format.

  • The File Attachment Locator now combines the sections of RAR/PAR and split-file (file.avi.001, file.avi.002, etc.) postings into a single line. The line will be shown with a '+' at the left end just like a combined line in a subscribed newsgroup. If you double-click the combined line (without expanding the sections) all of the sections will be downloaded and combined when the download finishes. If you want to download only a single section, click the '+' by the message to expand the list of sections and then double click the section you want to download. If you prefer that sections not be combined, click the "Search Properties" button on the search screen and uncheck the option box "Combine RAR, PAR and split-file sections". If you use the File Attachment Locator to search for large files, you may need to increase the maximum search hits that can be found. This is also set on the Search Properties screen.

  • News Rover's built-in PAR processor can now use PAR files to perform error correction and recovery on split-file message sets (file.avi.001, file.avi.002, etc.) as well as RAR file sets.

  • The maximum number of "hits" that can be returned by the newsgroup searches has been increased to 2000. You can set the search hit limit by clicking the "Search Properties" button on the search screens. Note: You must do a search using version 12 before increasing the hit limit.

  • You can pause and resume downloads. To pause downloads, click the icon with two vertical bars located near the stop-sign icon. To resume downloads, click the icon with the green right pointer.

  • The message queue display includes a new column showing the estimated download completion time.

  • News Rover can be set to automatically update the message header list for subscribed newsgroups on a scheduled basis. To do this, go into the Configure/Schedule screen and check the box "Automatically update the message list for subscribed newsgroups". Then specify the number of minutes between updates. If you wish, you can use the schedule on that screen to designate the hours of the day when scheduled updates are to be performed. If you wish to disable scheduled updates for some news servers, right click on the name of a news server in the left panel and select Server Properties. Then on the General Options property page, uncheck the box by "Enable scheduled updates of message headers".

  • News Rover has been enhanced so that it can take maximum advantage of dual and quad CPU systems. Message download processing, decoding, RAR decompression and other operations will now run concurrently on multiple CPU's.

  • If you are licensed for the Password Protection Option, you can now set News Rover so that a password must be entered to start it. To do this, click Control on the main menu followed by Begin Privileged Access mode, and enter your password to get into privileged mode. Then click Control/Password protection control and check the box "Require entry of password to start News Rover". News Rover will then prompt for your password each time it is started.

  • If you have the Password Protection Option but wish to disable it so that News Rover runs in an unprotected mode, click Control on the main menu followed by Password protection control then click "Disable password protection".

  • If a RAR file is decompressed and the name of an output file conflicts with an existing file, the new name is made unique by adding "-nn" to it where "nn" is a number.

  • Outgoing messages are now posted to the server in the order in which they were queued. Previously, the order was somewhat random.

  • A new option has been added to the Configure/Advanced screen to control what News Rover does when you use Save or Save-as and there is an existing file with the same name. The options are (1) warn before overwriting, (2) overwrite without warning, (3) add "-nn" to the file name to make it unique.

  • You can now set a message expiration period for messages in the in-box and out-box. To turn on message expiration, right click on the entry for "Received messages" or "Outgoing messages" in the left panel and select "Properties" from the popup menu. Then check the box that turns on message expiration.

  • You can now force the available parts of an incomplete multipart message to be combined. To do this, right click on the entry for the incomplete multipart message and select Combine/Decompress.../Manually combine parts from the popup menu.

  • A new animated icon is displayed by message entries while their parts are being combined or decompressed.

  • Several places where News Rover forced itself to the have the foreground focus have been removed.

  • When viewing JPG pictures from the message list, any currently displayed picture is now closed before a new one is displayed.

  • A new "Maintenance" configuration property page has been added where you can specify the time of day when you want News Rover to perform background maintenance tasks such as expiring old messages and incomplete pending parts.

  • An option has been added to the File Attachment Locator property screen to control whether PAR files that are not associated with any other files should be displayed in the search result list.

  • Message subjects and sender addresses encoded using ISO-8859 encoding can now be decoded.

  • When the display filter drop-down list is closed, the focus is transferred to the message list.

  • Shift-Home and Shift-End can be used to select all messages from the current position to the top or bottom of the list.

  • Left-arrow can be pressed while any message in a thread is selected, and the thread will be collapsed, and the first message of the thread will be selected.

  • After deleting a block of images from the picture gallery, the screen is now scrolled so the new selected image is on the screen.

  • The "Pause" key (sometimes also labeled "Break") can be pressed to pause or start timed display of pictures images in the slide show viewer.

  • Very rarely, opening or closing the download queue display could cause News Rover to hang.

  • If a message had more than one jpg file attachment, problems could occur when the pictures were deleted from the slide show display.

    ======== Version 11.3, Rev. 2: 15 May 2006 ========

  • The screen used to enter text when you post a message can now be resized.

  • Improved the way the picture gallery and file attachment list are updated when large number of files are deleted as a group.

  • When a file attachment is saved the associated message is now marked as having been read.

  • The newsgroup name was not set up correctly when replying to a message found using the Message Locator feature.

  • If a newsgroup was configured to store downloaded files directly into an external folder and it was set not to delete files when messages were deleted, then input RAR parts were not deleted after a RAR decompression was successfully completed.

  • Added "7z" (7zip) as a known good file type.

    ======== Version 11.3, Rev. 1: 21 Mar 2006 ========

  • The size of the screen showing the results for the newsgroup search has been increased.

  • Corrected a problem that prevented the display of total RAR archive sizes greater than 2 GB.

  • Changed RAR processing so that it will attempt the RAR decompression even if the PAR error correction reports failure.

  • Added code to recreate the News Rover icon in the system tray in case the Windows Explorer screen display crashed.

  • The message count for a group was being decremented by one each time a multipart message download completed.

  • When viewing a full-size picture in the slide show, you can double-click on the image to close it.

  • If an error occurred while downloading any part of an RAR archive the RAR decompression was not attempted. Now the compression is attempted even if a download error occurred.

  • When files are attached to a message they are sorted so that the order is .nfo, .sfv, .rar, .par.

  • The fields used to display the subject of a message being sent and the addresses of the recipients have been enlarged so that long subjects can be displayed.

  • Fixed the message expiration process so that it now expires and deletes downloaded messages that have not been read from full-body-download Autoscan interest groups.

  • If a message was queued to be posted to a news server and the send was held until later, then a second message was posted to a different server, both messages were sent to the same server.

  • Added a short sleep after socket closes to give the server time to decrement its connection count before we open a new connection.

  • You can type Ctrl-A while browsing the picture gallery to select all thumbnail images. You can type Ctrl-A while browsing the file attachment list to select all entries.

    ======== Version 11.3, Rev. 0: 15 Feb 2006 ========

  • Changed the connection retry logic to make it retry some server error conditions where status codes 430 and 403 are returned.

  • Improved the picture gallery so that left- and right-arrow keys can be used to move the picture selection. The Enter key displays the currently selected picture.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the feature that creates a subdirectory for each newsgroup to fail for header-only Autoscan interest groups when a multipart message was downloaded.

  • News Rover could occasionally crash if messages were deleted from the slide show at the same time that new pictures were being added.

  • Modified Autoscan background message processing and socket timeout processing so that they have less impact on foreground message browsing.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the letter "S" to be inserted at the front of outgoing e-mail addresses when a send retry was done on a message addressed to multiple recipients.

  • Reduced the amount of CPU used when downloading while there are a large number of messages in the download queue.

  • Enhanced the file size calculation so that the size is correctly displayed for downloaded files larger than 2 GB.

  • Improved the accuracy and consistency of download speed calculations. Also, corrected the time of statistics displayed in the Speed History section of the queue display.

    ======== Version 11.2, Rev. 0: 12 Jan 2006 ========

  • Improved background message part combining so that it does not interfere with downloading messages in other groups.

  • Fixed the newsgroup selection screen so mouse wheel scrolling works.

    ======== Version 11.1, Rev. 0: 3 Jan 2006 ========

  • Modified the operation of Autoscan to make it work better with TeraNews and MegaNetNews.

  • Changed the maximum connection limit on server property pages so that up to 50 connections can be specified.

  • Fixed mouse wheel scrolling in JPG picture displays and in the file attachment list list display.

  • Improved parsing of file names in message subjects to exclude currency amounts and IP addresses that looks like file names.

  • Defer the refresh of the message list for header-only Autoscan interest groups if there has been recent activity such as scrolling.

  • Increased the accuracy of the time spent scanning each newsgroup if a newsgroup scan time limit was specified for an Autoscan interest group.

  • Disallow expiration and deletion of messages while they are being downloaded, tagged for download or while they are waiting for RAR decompression. Also, do not expire and delete messages whose bodies have been downloaded but not read.

    ======== Version 11.0, Rev. 1: 14 Nov 2005 ========

  • Fixed a problem that prevented the Message Locator from working in some cases.

  • Modified the handling of message ranges for subscribed newsgroups to improve the performance with TeraNews and MetaNetNews news servers.

  • Added ".ts" as a recognized file type for multimedia files.

  • If an extra carriage-return character appeared on a message line, it could prevent a file attachment from being decoded.

  • When beginning to download a block of selected messages, News Rover now asks only once if you want to force the combination of the parts for multipart messages that have some parts missing.

    ======== Version 11.0, Rev. 0: 4 Oct 2005 ========

  • A new screen has been added to display a comprehensive view of the messages queued to be downloaded and currently being downloaded. Using this screen you can boost the download priority of a queued entry or give it a low priority. You can view the current number of connections being used for each message and for each news server. It also presents a graphical display showing the download transfer rate. To display the download queue, click the 10th icon on the toolbar which has a down arrow with horizontal lines. Click here to see a screen shot of the download queue

  • You can assign nicknames for the names of subscribed newsgroups and news servers. If a nickname has been specified, it is used for the name of the server or newsgroup in the left panel rather than the real name. To set a nicknane, right click on the name of a group or news server in the left panel and select Properties from the popup menu. Then specify the display name for the group or server on the main property page.

  • A change has been made to reduce the time required to load and display the list of messages for large newsgroups. The improvement doesn't affect the first load of the message list for a group after News Rover is started, but subsequent loads when you are switching between groups will be faster.

  • You can click in a URL in a message of the form "news://server/messageID" to open a newsgroup message.

  • News Rover now displays a warning message if you try to post a file attachement to a non-binary newsgroups. Most news servers reject messages with file attachments being posted to non-binary newsgroups.

  • A progress box is now displayed when you post messages with file attachments that have to be encoded for sending.

  • Timeout limits are now enforced for writes while posting messages to prevent News Rover from hanging if the news server does not respond.

    Bug fixes

  • If you selected a range of messages by using Shift-click and then used Ctrl-click to unselect a message in the range, unexpanded submessages under the deselected message were not deselected.

  • When the last message in the list was deleted and there was an unexpanded thread above the deleted message, the thread was expanded.

  • Occasionally, downloads could hang if downloads for Autoscan and subscribed newsgroups were both active and the total connection limit for the news server was less than the sum of the Autoscan and subscribed newsgroup connection limits.

  • The date shown for messages downloaded with the Message Locator was sometimes incorrect.

  • In some cases, file extensions of the form ".volnn+mm.par2" were not being recognized as valid PAR2 type extensions.

    ======== Version 10.2, Rev. 4: 26 Aug 2005 ========

    Changed the Message Locator to adjust to a new format of data coming from the search server.

    ======== Version 10.2, Rev. 3: 11 May 2005 ========

  • The Message Locator has been fixed so that it can handle search results in the new format coming from the search server.

  • Removed the limit on how many spaces could be put at the front of a message subject to indicate thread replies.

  • News Rover could crash when trying to display summary information about a large multipart message that had some missing parts but more than 800 parts available.

    ======== Version 10.2, Rev. 2: 7 Mar 2005 ========

  • News Rover could hang during startup if it determined that there were some lost groups that needed to be recovered.

  • Improved the parsing of part number specifications in message subjects for Autoscan when there is both a part number in parentheses and a section number in brackets.

  • News Rover could crash on startup if there were more than 2000 subscribed newsgroups and it attempted to recover a lost group.

  • Under some circumstances, News Rover could fail to remember the last message scanned in very large newsgroups, so it would rescan the last 5 days of messages each time it was started.

  • Using Ctrl-Shift-click to add a new message selection range did not work.

    ======== Version 10.2, Rev. 1: 14 Feb 2005 ========

  • If the "Skip Newsgroup" button was clicked on the Autoscan control panel, the scan could hang with a message about maximum connections being reached.

  • Improved detection and recovery for files left open when News Rover stopped.

  • The News Rover splash screen was not displayed during startup if the option was turned on to put News Rover's icon in the system tray.

    ======== Version 10.2, Rev. 0: 1 Feb 2005 ========

  • Added support for decoding BN (BommaNews) encoded file attachments.

  • Allow multiple spaces to preceed the period in a file name in a message subject if the file type is a recognized type.

  • News Rover could not properly decode some messages that had multiple yEnc file attachments.

  • Occasionally, database corruption could occur if a multiple message entry was deleted while it was being downloaded.

  • All of the section entries for an expanded RAR archive were shown in dim font if any of the sections were missing.

  • Allow file type exclusions to work for files downloaded by subscribed newsgroups as well as Autoscan interest groups.

  • Under some conditions when Autoscan and subscribed newsgroups were downloading, News Rover could make more simultaneous connections to the news server than specified on the Configure/Server screen.

    ======== Version 10.1, Rev. 0: 1 Nov 2004 ========

  • You can press F5 to refresh the message list for the current group.

  • When you double-click a single-section RAR file, it now displays the same screen as for a multi-section RAR file. This screen summaries what it it is going to do, and it gives you the option of downloading the RAR sections without combining and decompressing them.

  • If you select files or tag them for download (i.e., down-arrow icon by messages), the downloads do not decompress the RAR files -- they just do the download. You can double-click an entry to download it and decode it.

  • Missing parts for RAR archives were not being counted correctly, so some archives that had too many missing parts to be viable were displayed in the message list anyway.

  • RAR archives with missing sections were not shown in gray when the All Messages display filter was selected.

  • News Rover could crash if you viewed the message list for a newsgroup by clicking View/Messages on the main menu rather than selecting the name of the group in the left panel. This problem also could occur when viewing the E-mail Inbox or Outbox.

  • The default message filter for newsgroups whose names contain ".discuss" or ".request" is now All Messages.

    ======== Version 10.0, Rev. 3: 22 Oct 2004 ========

  • Added code to News Rover to correct corruption in yEnc encoded files caused by ZoneAlarm version 5.1. The bug is in ZoneAlarm, but they won't fix it.

    ======== Version 10.0, Rev. 2: 18 Oct 2004 ========

  • A confirmation box is now displayed when you begin the download of a split-file message set. On that screen you can select options to control whether the parts are to be combined after they are downloaded and whether parts should be deleted after they are combined.

  • The .000 section of split-file message sets is not included in a split-file combine if it is much smaller than the next section (this indicates that it has descriptive text rather than actual file data).

  • An option has been added to the Configure/Advanced screen to enable or disable the threading of sections of RAR and split-file message sets.

  • The 'L' key has been added as a keyboard shortcut to launch the attachment of the currently-selected message.

  • If a search is done using the Newsgroup Search while in password protected mode, the search history is cleared when going into protected mode.

  • The size of the Configure/Multipart screen has been adjusted to better fit with some screen resolutions.

    ======== Version 10.0, Rev. 1: 29 Sep 2004 ========

  • News Rover could crash if the message list for a newsgroup had a message with a .rev file attachment and no matching .rar file attachment.

  • News Rover could crash during the initial installation if a newsgroup subscription was done before getting to the main screen.

    ======== Version 10.0, Rev. 0: 21 Sep 2004 ========

  • The sections of RAR/PAR archives and split-file messages (.001, .002, etc.) are threaded together and displayed as a single line in the message list. You can double-click the message entry to download all sections for the file and decompress them. This greatly reduces the number of individual message entries in the list for multimedia newsgroups and makes it as easy to download large RAR file sets as ordinary multi-part files. If you wish to see the individual sections, click the '+' shown at the left end of the message entry to expand the section list.

  • An approximate count of the number of messages in each newsgroup is now displayed next to the newsgroup name on the newsgroup subscription screen. In order to initialize the newsgroup message counts, you must click "Get-newsgroups" on the main menu after installing Version 10.

  • The design of the message databases used by News Rover has been changed to allow them to grow larger than 2 GB. This change only applies to systems using the Windows NTFS file system (Windows XP, 2000 and NT); older Windows systems using the FAT-32 file system restrict files to 2 GB. With the new database system, News Rover can handle newsgroups with more than 4 million message entries (there is no fixed limit). The revised system has been tested with a newsgroup having over 5.5 million message entries.

    A considerable amount of memory space is required when first loading a large message list and combining the parts of multi-part messages, so News Rover is configured by default to download only 2 million messages at a time. Once that number has been downloaded and combined, you can click the 7th toolbar icon to download the next set of 2 million headers.

    New newsgroup subscriptions will use the new format. To convert existing datababases to the new format, you must rebuild them. To do that, click Control on the main menu, then click Rebuild databases, then click Rebuild all.

  • The parts of multipart messages can now be combined as a background task. This significantly reduces the time to enter a large, multipart newsgroup where many new messages have been downloaded.

  • You can now select "All Servers" as the search index for the Newsgroup Search. This will cause searches to return hits if there are occurrences of the target messages on any of the news servers that we index.

  • Search strings used with the Newsgroup Search may now include three operator characters: '*', '~' and '^'

    The '*' wildcard character can be used at the end of a word to match any characters following the first part of the word. For example, "Symphon*" would match "Symphony" and "Symphonies", etc. Note that you can use '*' only at the end of a word.

    The '~' character can be used between two words to mean that they must be in close proximity to each other in the message subject.

    The '^' character can be used in front of a word at the end of the search string to say that the specified word should NOT occur in the matching result.

  • There is a new option on the Configure/Advanced screen "Download oldest files first". If you check this option, then News Rover will download files in the download queue in the order of the date/time when they were posted. This is useful if your news server has a short retention period and you want to get the oldest files before they are expired and deleted.

  • After 60 seconds of inactivity for a newsgroup, News Rover flushes data to the database and puts the datbase in a safe, quiescent state so that it does not need to be rebuilt if an unexpected shutdown occurs.

  • Some e-mail POP servers send comment lines beginning with '-' as replies to commands. News Rover didn't expect this, so it terminated the e-mail receive when it saw the comment lines. Now it ignores the comment lines and looks for the actual command response.

  • If a message had a section number as well as a part number, it might not have been shown in the message list after it was decoded.

  • The default message-posting identity specified for an Autoscan interest group was not always being selected correctly.

  • Added a new checkbox to the Configure/Multipart screen: "Save incomplete expired entries in interest groups". If this box is checked, when News Rover expires and deletes old, incomplete pending-part entries, it first forms a message with whatever parts have been collected and stores it into the appropriate Autoscan interest group(s). This give you a way to collect incomplete multipart messages which possibly could be repaired with PAR2 processing.

  • Improved the Save-As and Save-In functions on the Configure/Multipart screen so that multiple file entries can be selected for the operations. Also fixed some bugs related to saving incomplete yEnc encoded files.

  • If a message was moved to a filing folder and the folder already had a file with the name of the file being moved and the move was cancelled, the file was deleted from the original group. This has been fixed.

  • The CPU time required by the downloaded scheduler to select the next message to be downloaded has been reduced.

    ======== Version 9.2, Rev. 0: 30 Mar 2004 ========

  • The checkbox to enable connections through now appears on the configuration screen for all news servers. Also, you can now specify the prefix to append to the server address for Secure-Tunnel connections.

  • The Move-To function for moving file attachments to destination directories now gives a warning if the move would overwrite an existing file.

  • News Rover could crash if an extremely long (more than 1000 character) filter expression was specified as the subject matching filter for a Display Filter.

  • News Rover can now decode some MIME sections that are improperly enclosed in messages without proper MIME headers.

  • Under some circumstances, if a timeout error occurred while News Rover was downloading a message, it failed to send the command to reenter the newsgroup when it retried the download.

  • The function to save files attached to a message did not work properly if there were more than about 90 files attached to the message.

  • If you use News Rover's built-in RAR decompressor to decompress the RAR archive and the archive contains JPG images, thumbnails are created for the extracted images and added to the picture gallery.

  • If two or more Autoscan interest groups were set up to scan the same set of newsgroups, News Rover could crash if a multi-part message was encountered by one of the interest groups if it was set to download full bodies.

  • If a new message was queued to be sent while another message was being sent, the new message did not get sent out until the next send cycle was started.

  • The function to get new message headers for all subscribed newsgroups had a hard-coded limit of 500,000 rather than honoring the limit specified as a property for each newsgroup.

    ======== Version 9.1, Rev. 3: 3 Feb 2004 ========

  • If the subject of a message with a RAR file attachment had two part numbers in it, the message appeared to be incomplete after the RAR file was decompressed.

  • News Rover could not combine the parts of split-file messages that were parts of an RAR archive. These were messages with file names of the form "file.rar.001".

  • The function of the down-arrow icon has been changed so that it now starts downloading all tagged messages for all news servers. Previously, it only started downloading tagged messages for the currently-selected news server.

  • Cleaned up a message subject problem in the Message Locator feature.

  • If a search through the message list was initiated by pressing Ctrl-F, subsequent deletes done by pressing the Delete key did not delete all of the messages in the selected range.

    ======== Version 9.1, Rev. 2: 12 Dec 2003 ========

  • If a server logon failure occurred, News Rover refused to try to perform any operation on a server for several minutes. In the case of Autoscan, this is a good thing, but it caused problems for subscribed newsgroups.

  • The expiration period set for duplicate file name entries was being used to control when file signature entries were expired rather than the expiration period set for file signatures.

  • Holding down the Shift key while pressing Page-Up or Page-Down did not select messages as the list was scrolled.

  • Added an option to the Configure/Advanced screen to control whether News Rover's home page URL is included in the header of outgoing messages.

    ======== Version 9.1, Rev. 1: 24 Nov 2003 ========

  • When combining the parts of a split-file message, if the message had a squence number in addition to a part number, the combined message appeared to be incomplete.

  • The maximum allowable connections to each news server has been increased from 20 to 50. However, note that very few news servers will permit more than 10 simultaneous connections.

  • The maximum parts in a multipart message that may be combined has been increased from 2000 to 2500.

  • Increased the maximum length of a file name that may be stored.

  • Previous versions of News Rover did not allow semicolon (";") characters in file names; this version does.

  • The operation of manually combining messages did not work.

  • In some cases, the download lightning-bolt icon would disappear when switching away from a group and then back to the group.

    ======== Version 9.1, Rev. 0: 4 Nov 2003 ========

  • New icons have been added to the main toolbar for the File Attachment Locator and Message Locator features.

  • An option has been added to the Configure/General screen to allow you to limit how many connections News Rover will use for a single, multi-part message download. Restricting the number of connections for an individual message will cause News Rover to distribute its connection limit across multiple messages in the download queue.

  • An option has been added to the Configure/General screen to allow you to limit the maximum connections that News Rover will use for each group (newsgroup or header-only Autoscan interest group).

  • If you select (highlight) a message entry that is in the download queue, that entry will get the highest priority for downloading. This is a way to force News Rover to give priority to a download queued after other entries.

  • If you have not selected a message in the download queue, other messages from the currently selected newsgroup (or interest group) will get priority over messages queued for other groups. As you switch between groups, the priority will shift automatically to messages queued for whichever group is currently selected.

  • If the option was used to put the icon for News Rover in the system tray rather than on the taskbar, News Rover was always restored to a maximized screen state when the icon was clicked. Now it restores its previous state.

  • If the "Delete All" button was clicked on the Configure/Multipart screen to delete all pending file parts, the database could not be rebuilt until News Rover was stopped and restarted.

  • Changes made on the Configure/E-mail screen to the time interval to check for new e-mail were not saved.

    ======== Version 9.0, Rev. 1: 24 Oct 2003 ========

  • Enhanced the algorithm that matches sections of RAR/PAR archives so that fills and PARs posted by multiple people can be combined.

  • The blinking download icon shown on message entries was not being stopped properly and could disappear when switching between groups.

  • If the server download byte limit was used to suspend downloads after a specified number of bytes were downloaded, the downloads were not restarted after the download count was reset.

  • If you forced News Rover to download a part of an incomplete multipart message, the download would not complete properly.

    ======== Version 9.0, Rev. 0: 8 Oct 2003 ========

  • A major change has been made to the way News Rover schedules downloads to improve performance. One field-test customer with a high-speed, fiber-optic Internet connection reported version 9 is able to download up to 20 times faster than earlier versions. That customer is able to make 47 simultaneous connections to news servers using Version 9 and download at a speed of more than 30 Mbps.

    1. Multiple download connections to the news server can now be made for a single multi-part file download.

    2. If multiple download servers are used and they are assigned the same download priority, News Rover will do load-balancing between the servers when doing downloads for header-only Autoscan interest groups or the Newsgroup Search.

    3. If servers have different priorities and the connection limits are smaller on the lower-priority servers, News Rover will make the maximum allowed connections on higher priority servers.

  • News Rover version 9 supports the new version 2 PAR files (PAR2) to recover missing or damaged sections of RAR file archives. Version 1 PAR files are still supported, of course. To download a RAR file, apply required PAR correction and decompress the RAR file, right click on any section of the RAR file and select "Download and decompress RAR archive" from the popup menu.

  • News Rover now supports multiple e-mail accounts. To set up the accounts, go to the Configure/E-mail screen. When you compose an e-mail message to be sent, there is a drop-down box where you can select which e-mail account to use. Each account can have different SMTP and POP servers and different e-mail addresses.

  • Three new options have been addded to the Configure/Advanced screen:

    1. Put News Rover's icon in the system tray (with time of day) rather than on the normal taskbar when News Rover is minimized.

    2. Display a warning box before stopping News Rover.

    3. Automatically start Autoscan when News Rover is launched.

  • Two new keyboard shortcuts have been added:

    1. You can select a message or a set of messages in the right panel and type 'M' to invoke the "Move-to" function.

    2. You can type 'Q' to post a reply to a newsgroup and quote the entire body of the message that you are currently viewing. Note, you can type 'F' to post a reply without quoting the body.

  • The operation of the Control/Clean up lost files has been signifcantly improved to do a better job of recovering "orphaned" newsgroup subscriptions caused by damaged or deleted control files.

  • In previous versions, it was possible to drag a column header so that the column width was zero and the column was invisible. Now, a small lower limit is imposed on the column width so that columns cannot be "lost".

  • In some very rare cases, News Rover could crash when decoding subjects with improperly encoded foreign character sets (RFC-2047).

  • In some cases, yEnc encoded file attachments downloaded by full-body Autoscan interest groups were not being decoded correctly.

  • The limit on the size of file segments for posted messages has been increased. A split size of 0 or 2000000000 will allow unlimited size.

  • The warning message displayed about firewall programs when a connection failure occurs has been improved.

  • The warning messages displayed when unsubscribing from a newsgroup or deleting an Autoscan interest group has been improved.

  • If the name of a news server was edited, the old name was still displayed in the Rebuild-Databases list. This has been corrected.

    ======== Version 8.2, Rev. 2: 1 Apr 2003 ========

  • A button has been added to the RAR download screen to delete all parts of the RAR archive rather than downloading it. This makes it easy to eliminate large RAR files that you don't want.

  • RAR, PAR and split-file message sections are now displayed even if the display filter minimum size would normally exclude them. This is done so that small ending sections will show up.

  • If you attempted to edit the name of the display filter suggested after subscribing to a newsgroup, it could cause News Rover to crash.

  • If you went back to the message header control screen while composing a message, the identity to use for the message returned to the default rather than holding the selected identity.

  • Sometimes when switching rapidly between JPG pictures, the focus was not left with the picture window.

  • Pressing Delete while the cursor was in an empty message list could cause News Rover to crash.

  • The Organization property field of identities was not being saved.

  • E-mail addresses specified for an Identity are now validated.

    ======== Version 8.2, Rev. 1: 18 Feb 2003 ========

  • Improved the News Rover Uninstall procedure to delete the entire News Rover installation directory when News Rover is uninstalled.

  • A new option has been added to the expiration feature for groups. This option allows you to control whether message expiration will or will not delete messages whose bodies have been downloaded. If you turn the option off, expiration will only delete messages that have not been downloaded (i.e., message headers).

  • By default, newly created Autoscan interest groups will be set to expire and delete message headers that haven't been downloaded after 30 days.

  • The deletion of expired entries in the Autoscan pending parts database was not working correctly. Under some conditions, old parts were not being expired and deleted.

  • If the function was used to delete messages older than a specified number of days and there were no messages old enough to delete, the group got left in a state where its message list did not get updated.

  • Improved parsing of message subjects with spanish words such as "Dia 1 de 2".

  • Allow messages with .NFO file attachments to be displayed even if the message size is less than the minimum allowed by the display filter.

  • Some badly corrupted JPG picture files could cause News Rover to crash when it tried to decode them.

  • Under some conditions, doing a search through the message list with a search string consisting of a single ampersand ("&") could cause News Rover to crash.

    ======== Version 8.2, Rev. 0: 6 Jan 2003 ========

  • Significantly speeded up setting up the message list for large, multipart newsgroups.

  • If the same newsgroup is scanned by both full-body and header-only Autoscan interest groups, News Rover now downloads only the header when the full body is not needed.

  • Improved the algorithm that locates file names in message subject lines.

  • The Notepad program is used to display .nfo and .sfv files. There is an option on the Configure/Advanced screen to turn this off if you prefer to launch some other program.

  • If an error is detected while decoding a JPG image, News Rover now returns the best image it can produce rather than displaying an error message.

  • Improved the status displayed when saving all files.

  • Changed the Save function to warn before overwriting unless the overwrite warning is turned off on the Configure/Advanced screen.

    ======== Version 8.1, Rev. 2: 13 Dec 2002 ========

  • If you changed the encrypted/non-encrypted status of a group, any multipart message entries that had not been downloaded were corrupted and could not be downloaded after that.

  • Prior versions of News Rover converted all newsgroup names to lowercase letters. This version preserves upper-case letters in newsgroup names.

  • If you uncheck the box labeled "Warn before overwriting file" on the Configure/Advanced screen and save a file that would overwrite a file with the same name, News Rover now generates a unique name by appending "-nn" to the end of the file name.

  • News Rover's check for available free disk space was not turned off when the free space limits were set to 0 (zero).

    ======== Version 8.1, Rev. 1: 4 Dec 2002 ========

  • Optionally, you can now allow information about messages downloaded from subscribed newsgroups to be added to the duplicate message checking databases. To do this, check the appropriate boxes on the duplicate checking configuration screens. Note: this does not block the downloading of messages from subscribed newsgroups, it just prevents Autoscan from downloading the messages after they have been downloaded from subscribed newsgroups.

  • Improved the process of expiring entries from the duplicate-checking databases so that it does not interfere with downloading messages. Previously, Autoscan could pause while the expiration process ran.

  • Improved the algorithm that determines which messages are part of a RAR fileset.

  • If a display filter is selected that allows incomplete multipart message entries to be displayed, the incomplete entries are shown in gray in the message list.

  • If a single section of a multipart message was available and its sequence number was 0 (zero), the force-download function did not work.

  • Added an option to the Configure/Advanced screen that allows you to turn off the warning message that is normally displayed when you start to download an incomplete multipart message.

  • Added a "Move-to" option to the menu of the file attachments list for a group. This renames the selected files to the destination directory.

  • Changed the default action selection for the warning about files left open to try to reopen the file rather than rebuilding it.

    ======== Version 8.1, Rev. 0: 19 Nov 2002 ========

  • Added support for decoding BinHex encoded file attachments. This type of encoding is used for Apple Macintosh files.

  • There is a new option on the message-panel right-click popup menu -- "Move attachments to..." This uses the Rename function to quickly move file attachments to a specified destination directory. This is much faster than "Save attachments as..." when moving large file attachments. After the attachments are moved, they can no longer be launched from the message entry and they are not deleted when the message entry is deleted (i.e., the file attachments are no longer connected to the message).

  • You can now tell News Rover to scan entire directories and add all files to the duplicate elimination databases. To do this, go to either the Configure/Duplicate files or Configure/File signatures screens and click the button "Add files".

  • A new Configure property page has been added for monitoring and controlling the 160-bit SHA1 "file signatures".

  • Put back the "View" command on the main menu. It had been removed in version 8.0.

  • The "Copy Interest Group" function did not work if the first (topmost) entry in the interest group list was selected.

  • Focus was lost from the Picture Gallery and Slide Show viewer when messages were downloaded.

  • Replies posted by others about a multipart message were sometimes combined with the parts of the message.

  • Parts of pending multipart messages in the outbox were combined. This caused problems if the outbox message list was viewed before the message was sent.

  • The next-picture and previous-picture buttons on the Slide Show window were not enabled and disabled dynamically as new pictures were downloaded and added to the Picture Gallery.

  • The message posting date was not shown for Message Locator searches.

  • News Rover now truncates the displayed portion of messages to 200,000 characters rather than attempting to display huge messages which can cause problems.

  • Improved event logging related to expiring old pending file parts.

  • If an RAR archive with a password was decompressed and "Cancel" was clicked on the screen that asks for a password, the input RAR sections were deleted.

  • The automatic expiration of pending parts and duplicate message entries was not being done.

  • Corrected a problem related to downloading a multipart message which has some missing parts.

  • The lower panel now displays which parts are available if you select a multipart message that has some missing parts.

  • The popup menu item to manually combine message parts was always disabled.

  • News Rover did not recognize some legitimate file names in the subject line if they had '@' characters in their names.

  • When duplicate files were rejected because of the file signature check, the Autoscan statistic for "Has file attachment" was erroneously incremented.

  • If a multipart message that was pending for download but not yet started was deleted or the download was cancelled, the pending task list was not decremented.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash on startup if an extremely long entry was in the Windows Registry.

    ======== Version 8.0, Rev. 2: 21 Oct 2002 ========

  • When a message download completed, the lower message window was cleared even if the message being downloaded was not the one displayed in the lower window.

  • If a the full-window message view was used and the "Next" or "Next-thread" menu items were clicked, the space used for the next message displayed was not correct.

  • Occasionally (randomly) the attribution line was not inserted in front of the first block of quoted text.

  • An extra blank line was inserted between the attribution line and the quoted text that followed it.

    ======== Version 8.0, Rev. 1: 18 Oct 2002 ========

  • When decompressing an RAR archive with multiple files in it, News Rover correctly extracted all of the files, but it only listed the first and last files as attachments for the message.

  • Display filters that selected only messages downloaded during the current session did not work correctly for multipart message entries.

  • Existing newsgroups and interest groups that were set not to combine multipart message entries did not switch automatically to combining message entries when upgrading to version 8.0.

    ======== Version 8.0, Rev. 0: 15 Oct 2002 ========

  • The parts of multipart messages are now combined and stored in the database rather than being recombined each time you enter the group and the message list is loaded. The first time you enter an existing group with messages, the new version will load the full list, combine the parts and update the database. After that, entering the group will be much faster with far fewer messages being loaded.

  • Major improvements have been made to RAR file processing: (1) Support for the version 3 RAR format (file.part01,rar, file.part02.rar, etc), (2) built-in support for using PAR files to correct missing or damaged RAR files. To download and decompress and RAR file set, right click on any section and select "Download and decompress RAR archive" from the popup menu. For details on using the new RAR decompressor, read the Help section on "RAR files".

  • You can now create multiple "identities" to use to identify yourself when you post messages or send e-mails. To create an identity, go to the Configure/Identity screen. An identity controls the "From" address shown in your messages, your displayed name and your signature (tag line). When you send a message or a reply, you have the option of selecting which identity to use for the message. You can also associate identities with subscribed newsgroups and Autoscan Interest Groups so that the specified identity will be used by default when posting a message to the group. To set the default identity for a group, right click on the name of the group in the left panel and select Properties from the popup menu. Then select the identity on the General options property page. For additional information, see the Help section on Identities.

  • You can now customize the "Attribution Line" used to identity the person who posted a message that you are replying to. To do that, modify the properties of your Identities. Each identity can have a different style for the attribution line.

  • Version 8 has a new type of duplicate file checking for Autoscan using SHA1 160-bit file signatures. The SHA1 signature for a file is calculated as the file is being decoded by News Rover. If the computed signature matches a signature already in the duplicate signature database, the file is considered a duplicate and is deleted. It is believed that no two files in existance have the same SHA1 signatures, so this form of duplicate checking is very exact. You can enable or disable this type of duplicate checking on the Configure/Duplicate-files screen. For additional information, please see the Help section on "Duplicate file configuration".

  • You can now schedule when downloads of tagged messages for subscribed newsgroups are allowed to run. To do this, go to the Configure/Schedule screen, turn on schedule downloads for subscribed groups and set the hours that you want to allow the downloads to run. For additional information, please read the Help section on "Scheduling message downloads".

  • Added a new setting for Autoscan Interest Groups and subscribed newsgroups to cause News Rover to keep only messages that do NOT have attached files. This is useful for text newsgroups where spammers may post messages with file attachments.

  • Autoscan Interest Groups have a new property page where you can specify which news servers are to be used to scan the newsgroups for the interest group. The overall server scanning is still controlled by the Configure/Scanning screen; the interest group server property page just excludes servers that otherwise would attempt to scan newsgroups for the interest group.

  • Improve message download performance for header-only Autoscan interest groups when there are multiple news servers available for download. News Rover now remembers which server has the parts of a multi-part message available and gives priority to that server when downloading the other parts.

  • The maximum allowed number of simultaneous connections to a news server has been increased to 20.

  • If you select text in the body of a message before beginning a reply, the selected text will be pasted in as a quote at the beginning of the reply.

  • Added a new keyboard command to copy selected text from the lower message window to the upper message window as a quote. Select the text that you want quoted in the lower window and then press the F key.

  • Some new keyboard commands have been addded:
    • 'n' (lower-case) advances to the next unread message in the current group.
    • 'N' (upper-case) advances to the next unread message in the next group.
    • 'f' or 'F' compose a public, Usenet reply to a message.
    • 'r' or 'R' compose a private, e-mail reply to a message.
    • '=' (unshifted +) expands the current message thread.
    • '+' (shift +) expands all message threads.
    • '-' (unshifted -) collapses the current message thread.
    • '_' (shifted -) collapses all message threads.
    • left-arrow is equivalent to '-' (shifted or unshifted)
    • right-arrow is equivalent to '+' (shifted or unshifted)
    • F3 finds the next occurrence of an item when doing a search.
    • 'q' or 'Q' when composing a message reply quotes selected text.

  • You can now set the execution priority for various tasks such as combining the parts of multipart messages and decompressing RAR files. To set the priorities, go to the Configure/Advanced screen.

  • A new option has been added to the Configure/General screen and also the Slide Show toolbar to set News Rover to reduce the size of big pictures so that they fit on the screen but not to enlarge small pictures.

  • Set a default display filter of "Messages that may have files" for Autoscan interest groups that only download messages with file names in their subjects.

  • Force the message list for a header-only Autoscan interest group to be refreshed when Autoscan is manually suspended.

  • Improved the estimated size of file attachments for yEnc encoded messages.

  • Fixed News Rover so that it does not try to interpret yEnc header lines embedded in quoted lines.

  • If you have the Password Protection & Encryption option, you can password protect your address book. To do this, enter your password and get into privileged mode, then click Postoffice on the main menu and select the Address Book entry from the drop-down menu. Then check the box at the bottom of the address book screen. After you do this, the address book will be accessible only when you are running in privileged mode.

  • Under some circumstances, messages downloaded from a header-only Autoscan interest group could be downloaded from the wrong server.

  • News Rover did not correctly handle downloaded files whose names contained a question-mark character ("?"). Windows does not allow question marks in file names, so News Rover now removes them.

  • Removing entries from the Blocked Sender list (on the Configure/Blocked-sender screen) could cause News Rover to crash later when it exited. This problem has been fixed.

  • When a newsgroup was subscribed on a server and the same newsgroup was already subscribed on another server, News Rover correctly set the same display filter for the new subscription as the old one, but it did not copy over the correct sort order setting for the new group.

  • News Rover now checks to see if the Registry entries it needs are present. If they aren't, it creates them.

  • If News Rover crashes due to a corrupted database, the next time it is started it will report which database caused the crash and give you the option to repair the database. Also, a "Startup.log" file is created giving a history of database opens. If News Rover crashes while accessing a database, there is a good chance that the database will be shown as open in the log file.

    ======== Version 7.5, Rev. 0: 11 Jul 2002 ========

  • Fixed a problem that allowed News Rover to start more tasks to download messages for header-only Autoscan Interest Groups than should be allowed by the server settings.

  • Increased the maximum size of a message that may be edited or posted to 200,000 characters.

  • News Rover could crash if you changed the sort order in the Picture Gallery and there were no pictures in the gallery.

  • Fixed a problem that caused Autoscan not to scan the last newsgroup that was added to the list of newsgroups available on any news server.

  • If an Autoscan Interest Group was set to store files in separate directories based on the newsgroup name, pictures added to the gallery while the gallery was open could not be displayed.

  • If password protection was turned on for a newsgroup at the time that the subscription was made (rather than setting the property later), the newsgroup name continued to show up in the subscription list.

  • Allow searches (and filters) to match words with accented characters.

  • Messages whose stated size was larger than about 47,700,000 lines did not have their estimated byte size correctly displayed.

  • Allow e-mail messages to be sent without specifying a subject, but always require a subject for newsgroup postings.

  • If a message with an attached file was moved to an encrypted file folder the the file folder already had a file with the same name, both the old and new files were stored incorrectly.

  • If the file "Move" function was used to move a file to a save directory and the save directory was the same as the directory where the file was originally located, the file was deleted.

  • Added an option to the Configure/Advanced screen to set how many times News Rover should ask a news server for a message that the server says is unavailable. The default value is 2.

  • Modified the connection retry mechanism to cause News Rover to make as many connection attempts as specified on the Configure/Advanced screen.

  • You can now change the size of the fields displayed on the status bar at the bottom of the News Rover screen. To do this, go to the Configure/Advanced screen screen and change the value associated with "Status bar field size percent". A value of 100 (percent) shows the fields the normal size. You can increase the field size up to 100 (percent) or reduce the field sizes down to 80 percent.

  • An index of the Giganews news server can now be searched using the File Attachment Locator.

  • File attachments with the type ".jpe" are now recognized as being jpeg pictures, thumbnail images are generated and the picture gallery and slide show features can be used to view them.

  • On the Configure/Usenet screen you can now specify the maximum number of newsgroups that a message you post will be cross-posted to. If you attempt to cross-post to more newsgroups than the specified limit, the message will be posted multiple times with only the specified number of newsgroups specified in each posting. Limiting the number of newsgroups you cross-post to will slow down the posting but avoid your messages being considered "spam" because they exceed the news server's cross-posting limit.

    ======== Version 7.4, Rev. 3: 22 Apr 2002 ========

  • Added a new option to Autoscan Interest Groups. On the Attached Files property page for an Interest Group, you can now enable the new option "Create a sub-directory for each newsgroup". If engaged, News Rover will store downloaded files in subdirectories whose names match the names of the newsgroups from which the message was downloaded.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to fail to decode some yEnc encoded file attachments.

  • If download failures occurred (such as a line disconnection), and messages were being downloaded for a newsgroup that was not the currently selected one, News Rover did not correctly mark the messages in the queue for later download.

    ======== Version 7.4, Rev. 2: 11 Apr 2002 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused a blank message to be posted whenever a message with a file attachment was posted.

  • Improved message deletion so that less memory space is used when deleting messages.

  • Improved the message-sending status screen to allow longer subjects to be displayed and added current and total part counters.

  • Added a warning message that is displayed if News Rover is unable to connect to a server and ZoneAlarm, BlackICE or Norton Firewall is installed.

  • Disallow changing the display filter or performing searches while the message list is being set up.

    ======== Version 7.4, Rev. 1: 5 Apr 2002 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused problems when more than one file attachment was posted with a single message. Now if you do this, a separate message is posted with each file and the file name is correctly added to the subject of each message.

  • Allow message body downloads for header-only Autoscan interest groups to use the maximum number of online connections specified for the server on the Configure/Server screen.

  • Increased the default maximum number of connections for each group to 4.

    ======== Version 7.4, Rev. 0: 3 Apr 2002 ========

  • Added support for sending messages with yEnc encoded file attachments. In order to use yEnc for file attachments you post, you must select that option on the Configure/Usenet screen. The decoding of yEnc, UUencoded and Base64 encoded file attachments is completely automatic and does not require any settings.

  • Speeded up scanning of header-only Autoscan interest groups.

  • The up-arrow and down-arrow keys did not work properly when scrolling the picture gallery if the gallery was scrolled very near the top or bottom.

  • The status displayed while importing files into a group was not properly cleared when the import finished.

    ======== Version 7.3, Rev. 2: 5 Mar 2002 ========

  • Greatly speeded up the deletion of a selected set of messages.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented manually combining the parts of a message with a yEnc encoded attachment.

  • Added the ability to set the day of the month when server download statistics are reset. This is on the Statistics/Limits property page for a server. Message header download bytes may also be excluded from the statistics (Giganews does not count header downloads in your usage quota).

  • Improved the maximum-connection checking logic to prevent extra Autoscan sessions from getting started while online sessions were switching between messages.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause duplicate "ghost" message entries to appear at the end of a message list.

  • Added an option to the Configure/Advanced screen to allow you to specify the minimum number of seconds between when the message list for a header-only Autoscan interest group will be updated.

  • Allow an exclamation point to be part of a file name.

  • Check server download limits when deciding which server to download from for messages in header-only Autoscan interest groups.

  • Display a warning message when the All Messages display filter is selected for a binary newsgroup.

    ======== Version 7.3, Rev. 1: 19 Feb 2002 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused multipart yEnc encoded attachments to be improperly decoded by Autoscan. The problem did not affect downloads done by subscribed newsgroups or single-part messages.

  • Enhanced the feature that checks RAR files to allow the parts of incomplete archives to be downloaded.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if a message had an unusual type of htm attachment.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if it tried to download the list of newly-added newsgroups from two news servers at the same time.

  • Improved the recognization of file names and part numbers in subject lines when the file name is enclosed in quote marks.

    ======== Version 7.3, Rev. 0: 13 Feb 2002 ========

  • Version 7.3 has a significant new feature to make it easier to download RAR file archives. RAR archives are compressed, multi-segment archives posted with extensions .rar, .r00, .r01, etc. They are frequently used to post large multimedia files. RAR archives almost always have multple segments, and all segments must be available in order to successfully decompress the archive. The new feature makes it easy to check whether all of the segments are available and, if they are available, to start downloading them.

    To check an RAR archive, right click on a message entry in the right panel that belongs to the archive (i.e., one with a .rxx file attachment). Then select "Combine/Decompress..." from the popup menu followed by "Check RAR files". If any of the segments are missing, it will tell you which ones are missing. If all of the segments are present, it will present a screen with information about the archive; you can then click a button to start downloading all of the segments.

    Once all of the segments have been downloaded, you can combine them and decompress the archive by right clicking on a message that is part of the archive and selecting "Combine/Decompress.../Decompress RAR file" from the popup menu.

  • Added checkboxes to the Duplicate message, Duplicate files and Pending parts configuration screens to suppress the list of items. When there are many items, it can take a long time to set up the list.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Autoscan duplicate message checking to incorrectly reject some messages as duplicates.

    ======== Version 7.2, Rev. 1: 4 Feb 2002 ========

  • Fixed a problem that could cause News Rover to crash when searching for a sender name in the main message list.

  • The popup submenu for combining split-file messages and manually combining parts was not correctly enabled for an Autoscan interest group configured to only download message headers.

  • Fixed a problem that caused the display filter "Messages you posted and replies" to fail under some circumstances.

  • Changed the way files are created for attachments to make it work better with some virus scanning programs.

  • Remove spaces and control characters from ends of news server names to avoid IP translation problems.

    ======== Version 7.2, Rev. 0: 14 Jan 2002 ========

  • Added support for decoding yEncoded file attachments. YEncoding is a new encoding method that is gaining popularity in some binary newsgroups. This version of News Rover can decode yEncoded attachments. Support for using yEncoding for posting attachments is planned for a future version. For additional information about yEncoding, see

  • Changed the display filter "Messages that you posted and replies" so that it sets the message list to be sorted by subject and threads messages. This is necessary to make this type of filtering work properly.

  • If the file name specified for an attachment in an UUencoded section ended with spaces, News Rover did not correctly recognize the file type.

    ======== Version 7.1, Rev. 1: 26 Dec 2001 ========

  • Improved the handling and display of error messages generated when problems occurred downloading messages using the Newsgroup Search.

  • If the slide show screen was maximized, that setting was not remembered the next time it was opened.

  • Added Help to the Configure/Usenet screen.

  • Fixed a bug related to which group to initially select if News Rover was shut down with a password protected group selected.

  • Autoscan could leave a status message of "Entering newsgroup" on the status line while it was sleeping.

    ======== Version 7.1, Rev. 0: 17 Dec 2001 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash when running under Windows XP or 2000 (the bug did not affect 98 or ME). This bug has been in all earlier versions (7.0, 6.5, 5.4, etc.), so if you plan to use News Rover with Windows XP, it is important to upgrade to this version.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the mouse wheel from scrolling the right main message list. This problem only affected some systems.

  • If the stored description of a news server was extremely long, it could cause News Rover to lose all news server entries.

  • Limit the size of windows so that they will fit within the available screen space.

  • Change the default properties for the display filter "Messages that may have file attachments" to allow any size message to be displayed.

  • Allow the height of the lower panel of the main screen to get as small as 10 pixels.

    ======== Version 7.0, Rev. 2: 12 Nov 2001 ========

  • When you subscribe to a newsgroup and News Rover suggests an initial display filter, it now also suggests a file type filter that controls which messages are stored for the group.

  • Allow multiple periods to appear between the file name and file type (for example, "picture...jpg").

  • Recognize part numbers (nn/mm) that appear to the left of the file name in the subject.

  • News Rover could occasionally crash when using the Message Locator feature if incomplete information for an entry was returned by the search server.

  • When running under Windows XP, if you tried to start two copies of News Rover, the second copy would display an appropriate error message but would then crash rather than stopping cleanly.

  • The option on the Configure/General screen to suppress display of newsgroups names did not hide the name in the status line.

    ======== Version 7.0, Rev. 1: 18 Oct 2001 ========

  • Sender blocking done from the Picture Gallery did not work.

  • Changed the function that manually combines parts of multi-part messages to allow a single part to be "combined". This can be used to decode and preview the first part of a multi-part message.

  • Messages collected by Autoscan were always displayed in the current list as they were received regardless of which Display Filter was selected.

  • If an Autoscan interest group was created to download only message headers, and a display filter was selected that filtered out incomplete multi-part messages, News Rover could crash when a multi-part message was downloaded.

  • News Rover could crash with a divide error if it attempted to decode a JPG image whose height or width was 0 (zero) pixels.

  • Clicking the toolbar icon to check for new newsgroups on a news server caused News Rover to hang.

  • Improved the algorithm used to find a file name in a subject line so that a name that has a file type consisting of a single character, is no longer recognized as a valid file name.

    ======== Version 7.0, Rev. 0: 2 Oct 2001 ========

  • You now can create Autoscan interest groups that scan newsgroups and download only message headers rather than the full message bodies. You then can review the headers and double-click the ones whose bodies you want downloaded. Header-only Autoscan interest groups can scan multiple newsgroups and multiple news servers just as other interest groups. Pieces of multi-part messages found in different newsgroups and on different servers can be combined regardless of their location. When you select a message to be downloaded, News Rover will download it from the newsgroup and news server where it is located.

  • If you have access to multiple news servers, News Rover Autoscan now can scan multiple servers simultaneously. You can specify how many news servers you wish to scan at the same time, and you can assign priorities to servers to control the scanning order. The new Autoscan control panel shows which news servers are being scanned and gives detailed download information for each server.

  • News Rover Autoscan now can perform multiple simultaneous downloads from each news server. If you have access to multiple news servers, News Rover can do multiple downloads from each server while simultaneously scanning multiple servers. You can designate the number of simultaneous Autoscan downloads to do for each news server and also the number of simultaneous on-line (subscribed newsgroup) downloads, as well as the total number of simultaneous downloads for each server.

  • If you have access to multiple news servers, you can configure the Newsgroup Search so that it will check multiple news servers for files you select to download. You can assign priorities to the news servers to control the order that they are checked. So if you have a local, free news server, you can check it for a file and then, if the file is not available there, advance to subscription news servers that may have more complete file storage.

  • A sophisticated spelling checker has been added to the screen where you compose outgoing messages. Many options are available to control the operation of the spell checker. If you wish, you can set it to mark misspellings in red as you type.

  • If your news server has a daily download byte limit, you can set News Rover so that it will suspend its downloads as it approaches the limit. News Rover will then reset its count automatically at the designated hour of the day and resume the pending downloads.

  • If you collect color JPG pictures and prefer not to have monochrome (black and white) pictures saved, you can turn on the new monochrome picture filter for a group. News Rover then will examine each downloaded JPG picture and discard those that have no color variation.

  • You now can determine which newsgroups have been recently added to a news server. To do this, select a news server in the left panel and click the toolbar button to subscribe to newsgroups. Then select "New newsgroups" from the list in the lower right corner of the screen. The list of newsgroups added to the news server since the last time you checked will be displayed. Click the "Reset new" button to reset the list.

  • A new option is available on the Configure/Blocked-senders screen that you can turn on to cause News Rover to reject messages that have invalid e-mail addresses for the sender.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash when manually combining the parts of a multi-part message in the e-mail in-box.

  • News Rover made an unnecessary connection to the news server when manually combining the parts of a multi-part message and all of the parts had already been downloaded.

  • Improved the Message Locator feature to handle some search items that it missed previously.

  • Added a new type of sound that can be enabled on the Configure/Sounds screen. This sound is played when a new complete file is downloaded, decoded and stored to disk.

  • If multiple entries were selected and deleted, hidden subitems for entries were not always deleted.

  • Sender blocking and the global exclude filter did not blocking incoming e-mail messages.

  • Added a button to the message sending screen to select the current newsgroup as the destination for the message.

  • The Message Locator feature was unable to find more than 100 matching messages.

    ======== Version 6.5, Rev. 1: 23 Jul 2001 ========

  • News Rover did not recognize a file name that had only a numeric extension such as myfile.007 Note: it did correctly handle split-file messages with two extensions such as file.mpg.001

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the "Clean up lost files" function to crash or get hung in a loop.

  • If automatic dialing was specified, Autoscan runs did not disconnect immediately after they were suspended, but waited for the disconnect-hold time to expire.

    ======== Version 6.5, Rev. 0: 9 Jul 2001 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused News Rover to refresh its message list and lose track of the currently selected message.

  • Modified the procedure that looks for a file name in a subject to allow a single space to appear between the file name and the period that separates it from the file type.

  • Improved the way message display filters work for messages that have attached files but do not have a file name in their subjects.

  • Modified News Rover so that it can handle news server message numbers larger than 2,147,483,647.

  • Fixed a bug that caused problems for .htm message attachments in encrypted newsgroups.

  • If a display filter was selected at the time that you subscribed to a newsgroup, the sort order specified for the display filter was not associated with the newsgroup.

  • Fixed a problem that caused News Rover to fail to recognize multi-part numbers in a subject if they were immediately adjacent to the file name with no intervening spaces such as "file.mpg(1/20)".

  • Fixed a bug that caused News Rover to crash when manually combining the parts of a multi-part message stored in a filing folder.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash when running on NT systems that did not have dial-up networking installed but had RASAPI32.DLL installed in the system directory.

  • JPG pictures larger than 2000x2000 pixels could not be displayed in the slide show and produced an error message saying it was an invalid JPG file. Now they are forced to be resized to 2000x2000 if they are larger than that.

  • Fixed a resource handle "leak" that caused News Rover to fail to release one event handle per newsgroup scanned.

  • Improved handling of the news server error "480 Authentication required" so that News Rover now advances to the next news server.

  • Improved the message selection logic to better handle the case where multiple Autoscan Interest Groups scan the same set of newsgroups and they have different types of selection criteria.

    ======== Version 6.4, Rev. 0: 30 May 2001 ========

  • Added a new display filter to show only messages you posted and the replies to your messages.

  • Added a new option to the File Attachments property page for groups to cause News Rover to use the subject of the message as the name for the attached file instead of the actual file name.

  • Added a checkbox to the message sending screen to add "X-No-Archive: Yes" to the message header to suppress message archiving.

  • News Rover now makes a backup copy of its primary configuration file so that the information can be recovered if the configuration file gets damaged.

  • Increased the width of newsgroup display lists to allow for long newsgroup names.

  • Fixed a bug that caused problems when trying to scroll through a list of newsgroups that had more than 32767 names.

  • Fixed a bug that caused new message headers to be not displayed if they were part of a thread that was already open.

  • Made it possible to post a message that has an empty body.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the References line of a reply to be empty if the reply was posted to a message whose body had not been downloaded.

  • Enhanced recognition of RAR file types to include .Tnn, .Unn, etc.

    ======== Version 6.3, Rev. 2: 29 Apr 2001 ========

  • Updated the Message Locator to match a recent server change that affects the format of messages.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause decoded multipart files to disappear.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if an interest group had an Exclude filter but no Include filter.

    ======== Version 6.3, Rev. 0: 24 Apr 2001 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if the properties of a news server were examined or modified while message headers were being downloaded.

  • Fixed a problem that caused the procedure that combines split-file messages (i.e., file.mpg.001, .002, etc.) to fail if the group was set to store incoming files in an external directory.

  • Improved the reuse of connections to news servers for subscribed newsgroups so that fewer reconnections are required.

  • Improved display filtering of file types so that it works if there is an attached file even if a file name was not specified in the message subject.

  • Cleaned up several things related to checking for available free disk space. It now only checks for Autoscan Interest Groups rather than all groups. It now checks only once every 5 seconds. It doesn't do free disk space checks while Autoscan is suspended.

  • Improved the separate-window message display so that when Alt-N or Alt-P are pressed to move between messages, the window holds the focus.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause the Message Locator to fail if a valid newsgroup name could not be found.

  • Added support for CRAM-MD5 SMTP server logon authentication. The currently supported authentication methods are LOGIN, PLAIN and CRAM-MD5.

    ======== Version 6.2, Rev. 3: 11 Mar 2001 ========

  • Added support for a logon name and password for the SMTP e-mail server. The name and password can be set on the Configure/E-mail screen.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause News Rover to skip a message if an I/O error occurred on an Autoscan run, and it had to resume the scan later.

  • Changed the default filter setting for Autoscan interest groups to only search message subjects rather than bodies too.

  • Make News Rover recognize URL's beginning with "https://" as well as "http://".

    ======== Version 6.2, Rev. 2: 27 Feb 2001 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused News Rover to die when trying to decode a JPEG file that used the unusual CMYK color coding system rather than RGB.

  • Fixed the Message Locator to work with a search server change.

  • Improved News Rover so that it can automatically compensate when a news server changes the numbering of messages in a newsgroup.

  • Improved scrolling in the Picture Gallery if there are many pictures.

  • News Rover did not correctly translate a domain name whose address started with what appeared to be a valid IP address such as

    ======== Version 6.2, Rev. 1: 15 Feb 2001 ========

  • Added support for proxy servers (firewalls and gateways) that use the SOCKS protocol. Proxy configuration settings are on the Configure/Server screen.

  • Fixed a problem that caused the Message Locator to stop working.

  • News Rover did not correctly decode some multi-part MIME files posted by the "Hogwasher" Macintosh newsreader. The problem has been fixed.

  • When generating part number designations of the form "(nn/mm)" for multi-part postings, News Rover now makes the number of digits in the current part number match the number of digits in the total part count.

  • Enhanced News Rover so that it can detect if News Rover was abruptly shut down with some of its message databases in unsafe open states and automatically rebuild them the next time they are opened.

  • When downloading multi-part files from subscribed newsgroups, News Rover now does a better job of finding the real message parts and ignoring replies that people may have posted with subjects looking like parts.

  • If an expiration period is set for a group, message headers older than the expiration period are now discarded quickly as they are downloaded before they are written to the database or the body is optionally downloaded.

  • Changing the font in the lower message panel did not work on some computers. This has been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug related to scrolling the picture gallery if there were a large number of pictures.

  • When exiting from News Rover after it established a dial-up connection, a message box is displayed asking if you want to hang up the connection. A bug caused it to always hang up even if you said you wanted to hold the connection. This has been fixed.

  • If you archived messages in the Outbox, the bodies of the messages were no longer available after being archived.

  • Enhanced the suggestions provided for display filters when subscribing to newsgroups.

  • Fixed a resource leak in the picture slide show.

  • Remember the last file type specified for a stored entry in the File Attachment Locator favorites list and use it as the default for the next entry.

  • Removed the option to query before deleting message headers that are no longer available on the news server. This option caused problems.

    ======== Version 6.1, Rev. 0: 9 Jan 2001 ========

  • News Rover can now do multiple simultaneous downloads of messages from the same newsgroup. You can set the maximum simultaneous download limit on the property page for the group. You can also specify on the Configure/General screen the default group connection limit to be applied to new subscribed groups. Regardless of the number of simultaneous downloads you specify for a newsgroup, the actual number of connections made to the news server will not exceed the limit specified on the property page for the news server.

  • A "Message Locator" feature has been added to locate text messages in any Usenet newsgroup. Click on the '+' next to "Message Locator" in the left panel and then click "Message search". Type in words you wish to search for, and the Message Locator will find messages in any newsgroup that contain those words. Note, the Message Locator is for finding text messages in non-binary newsgroups. If you are looking for file attachments, use the File Attachment Locator.

  • News Rover now uses a more sophisticated technique for deciding the order in which to start downloading messages. If you select (highlight) a message entry that is queued to be downloaded, that entry is given the highest priority and will be started before any others. If you are not highlighting a message that is queued for download, then any messages queued for the currently selected newsgroup get priority over messages in other groups. So if you queue a bunch of messages for download and then find one you want right away, select it util News Rover starts downloading it.

  • You can now add custom header lines to outgoing messages. To do this, click the button labeled "Add header lines" on the screen where you enter the message subject and select the newsgroups.

  • You can now press the ESC key to exit from the slide show.

  • Clicking the icons at the left end of message lines did not work correctly if the message display was horizontally scrolled.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented old messages from being expired and deleted from newsgroups if they had never been read.

  • If several interest groups had both Include and Exclude Filter expressions, messages might be needlessly downloaded before being rejected.

  • Improved the Search operation so that when searching through the list of messages if a matching message is found, the keywords being searched for are highlighted in the message display.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause memory to be lost when downloading multi-part files.

  • The minimum time interval for the slide show auto-advance has been reduced to 1/10 second.

  • Improved the warning messages displayed when trying to combine parts of a RAR file or a split-file message and some of the parts are missing or have not been downloaded.

  • If a file is launched while News Rover is running in Privileged Mode (i.e., a password has been entered), the recent file list for Microsoft Media Player is cleared when News Rover exits or returns to Protected Mode.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the message search feature to fail if the group had more than 32,000 messages.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if a virus detector discovered a virus in a file that News Rover was downloading and deleted the file while News Rover was still working on it.

    ======== Version 6.0, Rev. 2: 25 Oct 2000 ========

  • Fixed two bugs related to clicking the stop-sign icon when many files were queued to be downloaded: (1) under some conditions, News Rover could lock up when the down-arrow was clicked to restart the downloads; (2) News Rover did not disconnect from the news server, so it would get a server error when attempting to restart the downloads.

  • If an apparent file name in a message subject has a type of ".htm", ".htm", ".com", ".org" or ".net", it is no longer considered to be a file attachment.

  • If you right clicked on a newsgroup name and selected the option to reget the list of available messages, it did not delete duplicate entries after regetting the list; now it does.

  • Added "#" and "+" as characters that can be specified in search filter expressions.

  • When you change the sort order by clicking on the Subject or Date column headers, message threading is engaged for those sort orders.

  • Added a function to the file list display for a group to allow the importation of files that had been previously encrypted by News Rover.

  • The function to delete old messages did not work correctly.

  • Clicking the Cancel button while saving a file from the file list for a newsgroup did not cancel the operation.

  • You can now type 'T' to tag or untag the currently selected messages for later download.

    ======== Version 6.0, Rev. 1: 9 Oct 2000 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause News Rover to crash if an unexpected disconnection occurred on a dial-up connection.

  • Fixed a bug that caused News Rover to crash when attempting to decompress a RAR file that is password protected.

  • The option to view pictures using an external viewer did not work correctly when invoked from within the picture gallery.

  • Sometimes after setting Password protection for the e-mail outbox, it was not retained for the next run.

  • When exiting from the slide show, the picture gallery screen is now scrolled so that the last picture viewed in the slide show is visible.

    ======== Version 6.0, Rev. 0: 25 Sep 2000 ========

  • You can now expand and collapse message threads. Just click the +/- sign in a box at the left end of each subject line. This is very useful when browsing active newsgroups with many messages and follow-up replies.

  • A new "Slide Show" feature has been added to the Picture Gallery. Now, when you double-click a picture in the gallery to display it full screen, it is displayed in the slide show system. You can move forward and backward between pictures by clicking the arrow icons. You can also start a timed display of pictures.

  • You can now determine in which newsgroups a message is available after finding it with Newsgroup Search. To do this, first do a search then right-click on a file in the search result list and select "Properities" from the popup menu.

  • News Rover can now decompress RAR file attachments. These messages are posted with file types such as ".rar", ".r00", ".r01", etc. To decode these attachments, first download all of the parts. Then right-click on one of the parts and select "Combine/Decompress..." from the popup menu, then select "Decompress RAR files" from the secondary popup menu. The parts will be combined and decompressed, and a new message entry will be added to your list with the resulting file ready to be launched.

  • You can now combine split-file messages that have extensions such as ".001", ".002", etc. These messages appear most often in multi-media newsgroups. They have two extensions. For example, a file might be posted as "file.mpg.001", "file.mpg.002", etc. To process these types of files, first download all of the parts. Then right-click on one of the parts and select "Combine/Decompress..." from the popup menu, then select "Combine split-file messages" from the secondary popup menu. A list of the parts will be displayed, click "Combine Parts" to concatenate them into a single file. The resulting file will not have a numbered extension (e.g., "file.mpg"), and it will be in a form that can be launched.

  • You can now re-download a message from your news server. This is useful if a file attachment got deleted or corrupted, or if the message was marked as unavailable and you want to try getting it again. To re-download a message, select the message(s), then right-click and select "Download selected messages" from the popup menu. Note: this option is only available in subscribed newsgroups (not Autoscan interest groups or Newsgroup Search). Also, you cannot re-download a message that was formed by combining multiple parts.

  • Added ROT-13 decoding support. ROT-13 is a method for weakly encrypting portions of messages. It is most commonly used to obscure the bodies of messages that may have offensive text. For example, some insensitive jokes found in rec.humor are encrypted using ROT-13. If you encounter a message whose body is encrypted using ROT-13, the encrypted portion will appear as gibberish, but you will be able to see normal punctuation characters and spaces between words. To decrypt the ROT-13 section, select (highlight) the encrypted text, then right click and select "ROT-13 translation" from the popup menu.

  • The mouse wheel can now be used to scroll through the message list and the picture gallery.

  • Enhanced the warning displayed when running a executable program attached to a message so that it is displayed when running a .vbs (Visual Basic) script as well as a .exe, .com or .scf (executable program) file.

  • Enhanced the display filter conditions so that there are two new conditions that can be used to select messages: (1) Messages that have been tagged or queued for download; (2) File attachments that have or have not been launched.

  • Added additional display information to the lower panel for a message that is either being downloaded or is queued for download.

  • Added a new Delete option for newsgroups to delete message entries that do not have file names in their subjects.

  • Enhanced the retry system so that if an I/O error occurs during an Autoscan run and News Rover is unable to reconnect to the news server, it skips that server and advances to any other servers that are waiting to be scanned.

  • Changed the Outbox to use a more robust type of database and allowed encryption of outbox messages.

  • You can now specify how long News Rover should hold open a connection to a news server while it is idle. This value is specified on the news server configuration screen. You can specify a different value for each server.

  • Improvements were made to the code that finds file names in subject lines to make it correctly recogize file names of the form "file [1of2].r01"

  • Typing 'B' while the message list is selected now advances to the next unread message that has a body.

  • When getting a limited number of message headers for a newsgroup (such as when entering an empty one or regetting headers), you can now specify if you want to get recent or old headers.

  • The number of pending (unsent) messages in the Outbox is now shown in the left panel list.

  • Fixed two bugs related to decoding binary attachments posted as multi-part messages: (1) if the UU-encoded section began with "begin 755" rather than the standard "begin 644", two extra bytes were added to the front of the file; (2) if the attachment ended with a short UU-encoded line, there were some cases where the last few bytes might be dropped.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the body of a message that just completed a download to be shown in the lower message window even if you were browsing a different message.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to die if a message had an attached file with an extremely long name.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to die if the subject was very long and contained rfc2047 encodings.

  • Fixed a bug that caused News Rover not to encrypt existing files for a newsgroup or interest group when the encryption checkbox was checked.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the full-screen message display from scrolling properly when the cursor was moved off the page limits.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Stop-sign icon from stopping file download requests that were queued for the File Attachment Locator.

  • News Rover did not properly account for daylight savings time when converting dates and times in message headers, so the displayed time for a message might be off by an hour.

  • If an I/O error occurred while the list of available messages was being downloaded for a subscribed newsgroup, when News Rover reconnected and retried the download, it would refetch message entries successfully gotten by the first download.

  • When importing a comma-delimited file into the address book, News Rover did not properly handle fields that were enclosed by quote marks.

  • When News Rover got the initial list of available newsgroups from the news server, it did not record the date and time, so it got the list again when the first Autoscan run was done. Also, when checking for new newsgroups, it did not correctly convert the time to GMT.

    ======== Version 5.4, Rev. 3: 3 May 2000 ========

  • If the encryption option was set at the time that a newsgroup subscription was made (i.e., in the newsgroup selection list), file attachments were encrypted but the message text was not encrypted until the properties page for the newsgroup was viewed.

  • If you used the "Delete all" operation to delete all messages from a newsgroup, message text files with the .msg extension were not deleted for the newsgroup.

  • Added additional verification of record structures. This should allow News Rover to automatically detect corrupted records and avoid them.

  • When all messages were deleted from a group, some of the toolbar buttons were not disabled that should have been disabled.

  • If a download was cancelled in the Newsgroup Search group, the Download-all-parts button was not enabled.

  • The currently selected message was sometimes not remembered if you changed the sort order.

  • If you click a column header more than once without clicking on any other column headers, the effect is to reverse the sort order on that column.

  • A string of trash characters could be displayed with some server error messages.

  • Changed the new version notification so that the notification is displayed the next time News Rover is started rather than interrupting its running.

    ======== Version 5.4, Rev. 2: 6 Apr 2000 ========

  • Added a function to allow you to manually combine parts of a multi-part message. This is useful if the parts have different subjects. To do a manual combine, select a display filter such as "All messages" that does not hide incomplete multi-part files, then select the parts of the message (hold down Control while clicking), then right-click and select "Manaully combine parts" from the popup menu.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to lose its list of interest groups if you attempted to start News Rover while another copy was already running.

  • Improved the selection of the list insertion point for messages inserted after combing multiple parts.

  • Increased the number of files that can be added to duplicate databases in a single selection operation.

  • You can now select multiple entries in the address book as message recipients without having to close and reenter the address book.

  • If you used the full-screen message viewer and advanced through unread messages, the unread message count was decremented by 2 rather than 1 for each message.

  • Under some circumstances, clicking the down-arrow toolbar icon to start downloading tagged messages could cause News Rover to try to redownload a message gotten using Newsgroup Search.

  • The function to set password protection for specific newsgroups did not work correctly.

  • News Rover did read the last "+OK goodbye" response from the POP server before closing the connection to the POP server. With some POP servers, this resulted in the messages not being deleted from the server after they were downloaded.

  • Changed the default for new installations so that News Rover does not retry getting messages missing from the server on previous scans.

    ======== Version 5.4, Rev. 1: 9 Mar 2000 ========

  • You may now specify how many matches you want returned by the Newsgroup Search. The default is still 100, but you can set the desired value on the search properties page (click the "Search Properties" button on the search screen). The maximum value that you can set is 600.

  • If a message was posted to a newsgroup using MIME format, and the message did not have any file attachments, the text of the message might be omitted.

  • If you viewed a picture in the gallery and used Page-up or Page-down to move to another picture, then deleted the picture you were viewing, the originally selected picture was deleted rather than the one being viewed.

  • Improved the way messages are sorted in the Newsgroup Search list.

  • Changed the scanning priority range for Autoscan Interest Groups to 0..99

  • Improved the removal of "noise" words like "Re:", "Attn:", "" etc. from the front of message subjects.

  • If a JPG file attachment was deleted from the News Rover project directory by using an external program, News Rover started using its internal JPG viewer for all other pictures even if it was configured to use an external viewer.

    ======== Version 5.4, Rev. 0: 16 Feb 2000 ========

  • A new "File Attachment Locator" feature has been added to News Rover. The File Attachment Locator searches all binary Usenet newsgroups for messages with a specified set of words in the subject. Once messages have been found, you can just double-click their entries to start the download.
  • You can now cancel a Usenet message that you posted. To do so, locate the message entry in a newsgroup or interest group listing and download the message body. Then right-click on the message entry and select "Cancel message" from the popup menu.

  • If your news server has private or hidden newsgroups that are not included in its public list, you can now add them manually. To do so, right-click on the name of the news server in the left panel and select "Manually add newsgroups" from the popup menu.

  • You can now specify server scan priorities in the range 0-99 rather than just 0-9.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Page-up and Page-down keys to advance by 2 lines rather than a full page.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Save-as to truncate the second file extension in a file name like golf.exe.001

  • Fixed a bug that caused text lines in a multipart message before the beginning of the encoded portion to be lost.

  • Fixed a bug related to deleting picture gallery images. If you selected several pictures and pressed Delete, the picture the cursor was on was deleted rather than the selected pictures.

    ======== Version 5.3, Rev. 1: 19 Jan 2000 ========

  • Added a new right-click option for the main message list to write the text (body) of a message to an external file. The name of the new option is "Save message text as...".

  • Added a right-click option to the names of interest groups and filing folders in the left panel to allow the names to be changed.

  • If an error occurred while downloading a message for a subscribed newsgroup, and News Rover successfully reconnected to the server and retried the download, the original portion that was downloaded got prepended to the part downloaded by the retry.

  • Fixed a bug that could make it impossible to delete the last interest group.

  • Fixed a bug that caused problems when sending a message with a file attachment whose name was longer than about 74 characters.

  • Added configuration parameter to cause News Rover to retry a connection to a news server if the news server refused the connection. The new retry parameter is on the Configure/Advanced screen.

  • Added a configuration parameter to tell News Rover how long to pause after establishing a dialup connection before trying to connect to the news server.

  • In previous versions of News Rover, if a downloaded file had two periods in its name (for example, golf.exe.001) the periods in front of the last one were converted to underscore ("_") characters. This has been turned off so that the multiple periods will be retained unchanged.

  • Allow NNTP server port numbers to be specified for each news servers. The port number is on the Configure/Server screen right below the address of the news server.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause multiple blank lines to be inserted in an outgoing message if a quoted line with no blanks in it was longer than the specified page width.

    ======== Version 5.3, Rev. 0: 3 Jan 2000 ========

  • Fixed a Y2K bug that caused the dates in outgoing messages to have "0" as the year. Some news servers correctly interpreted this as 2000, others did not. This only affected messages you sent or posted to newsgroups. Message downloads were not affected. No other Y2K problems have been reported.

  • Added download byte count statistics for news servers. To check the statistics for a news server, right-click the name of the news server in the left panel and select "Server statistics". This feature is very handy if you are using a news server that has a monthly quota. On the statistics screen you can specify that News Rover should reset the count automatically at the beginning of each month.

  • You can now specifiy that newsgroups are to be password protected or encrypted at the time that you subscribe to them.

  • The lists of interest groups and filing folders are now sorted alphabetically.

  • If News Rover was moved to a different drive or directory by using the Control/Change-installation-folder method, the Save and Save-as commands did not work properly.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause all entries in the address book to be deleted if a message send was started from the address book and then the address book was reinvoked to add another recipient.

    ======== Version 5.2, Rev. 6: 21 Dec 1999 ========

  • If a UU-encoded file attachment had blank lines within the uuencoded section, the uu-decoder got thrown off and the decoded attachment could be corrupted.

  • Fixed bug in the creation of the file folder menu which start out as "Move to folder...". With around 100 or more folders, the outer level of the cascading folder pick list did not include the last category so the folders with names toward the end of the alphabet were inaccessible.

  • Enhanced News Rover so that it can handle mailto entries embedded in messages of the form "mailto:address?subject=xxxx"

  • Changed how sorting by sender works. If multiple messages were posted by the same sender the order of the entries for the messages for a given sender are sorted by subject.

  • The screen that shows the list of file attachments for a group can now be sorted by subject as well as file name and order acquired.

  • Added additional event logging when News Rover determines that there is not enough free disk space remaining to continue running.

    ======== Version 5.2, Rev. 5: 9 Dec 1999 ========

  • Added a feature to allow any type of file to be imported into any type of group (filing folder, interest group, etc.). To import files, go to the file display list for the group and select "Import" from the menu.

  • Fixed a problem that caused thumbnail pictures not to be generated when JPG pictures were imported into interest groups or folders that have file encryption turned on.

  • If the Del key on the numeric keypad (same as the period key) was pressed to delete a message and Num Lock was active, two messages were deleted.

  • If the option was set on the Configure/Advanced screen to not attempt to reget messages that were missing ("Retry getting missing messages") News Rover would attempt to reget all messages on each Autoscan run.

  • Under some cases, if a picture was viewed from the gallery, then Save-as was used to save it, then the next picture was saved, the name of the first picture was used for the second Save-as operation.

  • If you selected a group of entries in the file attachments list for a group and requested that they be moved to a filing folder, only every other entry was filed.

  • Fixed a bug that under some circumstances prevented some unavailable messages from being deleted when attempting to delete all of them. Under even more unusual circumstances, News Rover could crash when attempting to delete unavailable messages.

    ======== Version 5.2, Rev. 4: 19 Nov 1999 ========

  • Added a virus warning box that is displayed when starting an executable program that has been sent as an attachment to a message.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to forget the screen layout from the previous run.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented News Rover from properly checking for available free disk space and stopping if it became critically low.

    ======== Version 5.2, Rev. 3: 10 Nov 1999 ========

  • Fixed a bug that was introduced in version 5.2 Rev. 2 that caused automated dialing to fail.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if a null password was entered the first time privileged mode was selected.

    ======== Version 5.2, Rev. 2: 8 Nov 1999 ========

  • Under some circumstances, clicking the "Stop" toolbar icon could cause News Rover to crash.

  • Made the arrow keys mode the item selection in the file attachments list.

  • Made it possible to hold down the shift key and use the arrow keys to select multiple items.

  • The "Download selected items" right-click menu option did not download messages that were tagged for download.

    ======== Version 5.2, Rev. 1: 26 Oct 1999 ========

  • The "Stop" icon did not reliabily stop downloads started by using Newsgroup Search.

  • The status of a message shown in the lower panel did not immediately show "Downloading from server..." when a message download was initiated from Newsgroup Search.

  • If you deleted a message so that all of the remaining messages could be displayed without a vertical scroll bar, and then deleted the message at the bottom of the list, the list would be scrolled so that only the last remaining message was shown.

  • Properties such as the Save directory for the Newsgroup Search group were not saved when you exited from the property modification screen.

  • Corrected a problem that caused too much text to be colored as quoted text if there was no blank line between the end of quoted text and the following non-quoted text.

    ======== Version 5.2, Rev. 0: 14 Oct 1999 ========

  • Overhauled the screen that displays a list of file attachments for a newsgroup or interest group. The new screen is more similar to the main screen and there are a set of right-click options. You can now sort entries by date or file name.

  • The color of the paper-clip icon now indicates the state of a file attachment:
    • Red = New file that has not been launched or saved
    • Blue = File has been launched but not saved
    • Green = Attachment has been saved (or save-as)
  • If you deleted all messages while using a filter that selected a subset of messages and then switched to the All Messages filter, message entries would be displayed even though the actual messages had been deleted.

  • Fixed a bug that caused it not to combine the parts of a multi-part message if the message was tagged for download and the download was started at a time when the tagged message was not in the currently displayed newsgroup.

  • Fixed another bug which caused the number of parts of a split message posting to be incorrect.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the unread message count to be decremented by 2 if you clicked on the paper-clip icon next to an unread message subject in the right panel.

    ======== Version 5.1, Rev. 2: 9 Sep 1999 ========

  • Removed the message box that said "Message headers are being downloaded for this newsgroup" that came up when you entered a newsgroup while its headers were being downloaded.

  • When you set the starting scan date for an Interest Group to go back a certain number of days, the number of days is now displayed when you leave and reenter the dates page.

  • Allow a message to be sent that has no text if there is a file attachment.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the running status not to be displayed after reconnecting to the server if a network error occurred while downloading message headers for a newsgroup.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if you switched newsgroups while News Rover was busy encrypting or decrypting a newsgroup.

  • Fixed a bug that could allow password protected interest groups to be revealed when posting a message.

  • Fixed a bug that could under some circumstances cause the list of available newsgroups to be empty when selecting a newsgroup to post a message to.

  • If News Rover was disconnected while downloading e-mail messages, it incorrectly recorded that all messages on the POP server had been downloaded.

  • If there were more new headers for a newsgroup available than the maximum header download count set as a property for the newsgroup, the status display incorrectly said that all of the headers would be downloaded even though it actually downloaded only the number specified.

  • The maximum allowable server connection limit has been increased from 4 to 9.

  • The minimum message size limit for subscribed newsgroups did not function properly (it did not filter out any messages). However, it did work correctly for Autoscan Interest Groups.

  • Changed the setup procedure to use the Install Shield self extractor. This avoids a bug in the previous system that could sometimes cause the installation to report that it could not copy a file.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to sleep for long periods of time if the line bandwidth utilization percentage was set to a value less than 100.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the last part of a multi-part file posting to be larger than the specified allowable limit.

    ======== Version 5.1, Rev. 1: 27 Aug 1999 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a multi-part file posting to generate a final part that was larger than the specified maximum posting size.

  • Added .RAM as a file extension type to the default multi-media and sound display filters.

    ======== Version 5.1, Rev. 0: 13 Aug 1999 ========

  • Improved the method used for scanning messages so that if messages are made available on the server out of order, they are still found and downloaded. This is a significant enhancement and allows News Rover to find messages which were previously missed.

  • Increased the maximum number of news servers that News Rover can simultnaeously support from 4 to 32.

  • A small paper-clip icon is now shown on the left end of the lines in the message list for messages that have file attachments. You can click on the paper-clip icon to launch the file attachment.

  • Improved the password encryption feature so that now the text of messages stored in internal databases is encrypted as well as the contents of file attachments. If you are running version 5.0 and have encrypted attachments, you can cause News Rover to encrypt the message text by modifying the properties of a newsgroup or interest group, confirming that encryption is turned on, and then exit from the properties screen.

  • Added "Save attachments" and "Save attachments as" options to the popup menu that comes up when you right-click on a message entry in the right panel.

  • You can now right-click on the name of a file attachment in the body of a message (i.e., in the lower panel) and use the new "Save file" and "Save file as" items to save the file. Options have also been added to delete the current message or the message thread.

  • Fixed a bug in the newsgroup subscription screen that caused letters to be overwritten in the word selection field if they were typed slowly.

  • Fixed a minor memory leak related to threading messages.

  • Fixed the popup error/help box so that you can click Continue without having to wait for it to timeout.

  • Fixed the checkbox on property pages related to automatically expiring old messages after a specified number of days.

  • Improved the method used to determine if the news server supports the NEXT command to retry using it every 2 days if a failure occurs.

  • Entering an incorrect password when going into Privileged mode could under some circumstances cause News Rover to crash.

  • The Rebuild database dialog displayed the names of password protected newsgroups when in protected mode. This has been fixed.

  • Changed the default server I/O timeout from 10 minutes to 2 minutes.

  • Increased the maximum number of newsgroups that News Rover can handle from 70,000 to 100,000.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover do die when sending an e-mail message with a file attachment if UUencoding was selected as the encoding method.

  • Made it so that each newsgroup and interest group remembers the last directory that was used for a Save-as and uses it as the default for the next Save-as. Previously, the last Save-as directory was used for all newsgroups.

    ======== Version 5.0, rev. 0: 22 Jul 1999 ========

  • Added a password protection system that allows you to restrict access to newsgroups and interest groups. Click here for complete information.

  • Added a feature to help customers determine the correct address of their Usenet news servers. There is a new button on near the field where the news server address is entered which can be clicked to access a list of several hundred Internet Service Providers and associated new server addresses.

  • Improved removal of noise words from the front of subjects such as "Re Req:".

  • Fixed a bug that could cause display problems with some video cards that are not running in Truecolor mode.

    ======== Version 4.4, rev. 4: 24 Jun 1999 ========

  • Added right-click options to the picture gallery to allow sorting thumbnails by order received, name or date.

  • Fixed bug that caused some of the right-click options in the picture gallery popup menu to be inappropriately grayed out if you clicked on an area that does not have a picture and then moved back over a picture.

  • Fixed bug that could cause News Rover to die if the global exclude filter expression exceeded a length of about 8Kb.

  • Fixed bug that caused the unread message count not to be set to zero when you used the right-click option to mark all messages read.

    ======== Version 4.4, rev. 3: 8 Jun 1999 ========

  • Added an option to display filters to remove "Re:", "REQ", "ATTN", etc. from the front of message subjects.

  • Added an option to display filters to cause underline characters in subjects to be converted to spaces.

  • Fixed a bug that caused messages to be skipped if two or more Autoscan interest groups scanned the same newsgroup(s).

  • The "next newsgroup" button still caused repeated newsgroup skipping if pressed while downloading headers.

  • The default values for split messages have been increased from 100,000 to 500,000 bytes.

    ======== Version 4.4, rev. 2: 20 May 1999 ========

  • Added code to display warning if any of the DAO database files are corrupted and give the customer a chance to rebuild them.

  • Fixed bug in picture gallery that could cause News Rover to crash if a sender's address was blocked and any pictures had been added to the gallery since it was entered.

  • Changed expiration so that old messages are expired once per day instead of just once when News Rover is first started. This was required for people who run News Rover 24 hours per day without shutting it down.

  • The "next newsgroup" button caused News Rover to skip all newsgroups.

  • Allow the word "of" to separate the part numbers of a multi-part file attachment message.
    For example, "(2 of 10)".

  • Added the News Rover version number to the "X-mailer" line in messages posted by News Rover.

  • Display warning when sending a message with an attached file if the attached file cannot be opened.

    ======== Version 4.4, rev. 1: 5 May 1999 ========

  • Added prompt for initial display filter when some newsgroups are subscribed.

  • Added new display filters for messages with pictures or multimedia and for messages with sound files. Also added a standard filter to display only unread messages with bodies.

  • Added a vertical scroll bar to the filter selection list.

  • Added signature/tag-line insertion facility for outgoing messages.

  • Added attribution lines to quoted text.

  • Added a right-click option to download all messages that are part of a thread and an option to download all messages.

  • Added a right-click option to delete all messages in a thread.

  • Added right-click option to the Gallery popup menu to move all pictures to the save area.

  • You can now hold down the Ctrl key and press Delete to delete all messages in the current message thread.

  • When sorting messages by subject without threading, messages with the same subject (ignoring "Re:" prefix and multi-part numbers) are now considered be part of the same message thread.

  • Add color to displayed messages so that quoted lines are shown in blue.

  • Changed the default value of the maximum message headers to download from 500 to 20000. This value can be changed on the newsgroup properties screen.

  • Added feature to allow announcements about News Rover to be displayed while News Rover is running.

  • When you block messages from a sender or site, it now deletes from the current newsgroup all messages from the sender or site as well as blocking future messages.

  • Disable reply-to-newsgroup and reply-to-all buttons when browsing messages in the e-mail inbox or outbox.

  • Fixed bug in Stop function that did not leave some messages tagged for download after a download was stopped.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the outgoing message icon from being reset to the pending state when you requested a resend of a message in the outbox.

  • The maximum allowed number of simultaneous on-line connections to a news server is now limited to 4 which is the maximum that is supported by most servers.

  • E-mail and Reply-to addresses are now checked for valid syntax when they are entered.

  • Display a warning when posting to alt.test newsgroups if the message subject does not contain IGNORE and NOREPLY.

  • Added a new display filter criteria to display messages that are newer than a specified number of days.

  • Changed the way message subjects are scanned for multi-part sequence numbers (i.e., "(nn/nn)") so that the scan is performed right-to-left. This prevents picking up section numbers that are sometimes to the left of the part numbers.

  • Changed the "Unread message" count to only include unread messages whose bodies have been downloaded from the server.

    ======== Version 4.4, rev. 0: 15 Apr 1999 ========

  • Added automatic notification of the availability of new versions of News Rover.

  • Added a feature to the address book to allow importation of address book entries from Outlook Express.

  • Allow cancelation of individual downloads by clicking on the lightning-bolt icon.

  • Added a new option to the "Control" menu option to clean up orphaned files and newsgroups.

  • Enhanced multi-part reconstruction to enable it to handle multi-part MIME messages that are missing the "MIME-Version" header command that is required by the MIME standard.

  • Enhanced the check for available free disk space to check whichever disk an interest group is storing messages and files.

  • Fixed a bug that occurred on NT systems without dialing that caused News Rover to ignore the news server connection limit and overload the server.

    ======== Version 4.3, rev. 4: 2 Apr 1999 ========

  • Fixed miscellaneous problems related to automatic dialing.

  • Fix a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if an unexpected disconnection occurred.

  • Fixed a bug that could leave the lightning-bolt, download-in-progress flags set for messages if News Rover was stopped while downloads were in progress.

  • Added information about the message subject, sender, date, size to the lower display window for messages whose bodies have not yet been retrieved.

  • Download-in-progress flags were not being preserved across newsgroups switches when they were set for multi-part messages and message entries were combined into a single line.

    ======== Version 4.3, rev. 3: 24 Mar 1999 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused problems when deleting messages that were part of a thread (i.e., indented under another message).

  • Fixed a bug related to deleting a message that was actively being downloaded.

  • Fixed a bug related to the stop-online-tasks function (stopsign icon).

    ======== Version 4.3, rev. 2: 23 Mar 1999 ========

  • If a JPG file with an associated picture gallery thumbnail BMP image file was deleted by using the file attachment list for the newsgroup, the BMP file was not deleted. The BMP was correctly deleted if the primary image was deleted using the picture gallery or the message list.

  • If a message filter was set to combine multi-part messages into a single line, and it was also set to display either complete messages or messages with missing parts, then all messages were excluded.

  • Changed the "Get-newsgroups" menu item to initialize the news server selection list with the currently selected news server.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause News Rover to crash if messages were deleted from the display list and then new messages were added before the list display was refreshed. This mostly affected Autoscan Interest Groups that were collecting messages while deletes were taking place.

  • Made a change to DAO interface code that could possibly prevent a crash during program exit.

    ======== Version 4.3, rev. 1: 19 Mar 1999 ========

  • Increased the width of the box used to display the current message filter so that long filter names will fit if large fonts are selected.

  • Fixed minor memory leak that occurred when adding entries to the duplicate file list or when importing JPG images into the picture gallery.

  • Added "RM" as a default file type to the built-in Multimedia filter.

  • Made the Get-complete-message toolbar action operate on all selected messages.

  • Fixed a possible bug involving rounding date-time values.

  • Fixed a bug that caused News Rover to skip over a message in a newsgroup if it was stopped in the middle of scanning or had to retry the connection.

  • If a newsgroup posting was made using UUencoding and the posting had more than one file attachment that required splitting into multiple parts, the incorrect number of parts could be posted.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to die if there was exactly one message left in the message list after filtering.

    ======== Version 4.3, rev. 0: 10 Mar 1999 ========

  • Added message display filtering.

  • Added message archiving.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if it was stopped while loading the list of messages for a newsgroup.

  • Speeded up the display of the picture gallery or file attachment list in the case that there are many messages but only a few have attachments.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to incorrectly calculate the number of message parts required when posting a large file attachment that had to be split into multiple messages.

  • The Configure/Multipart/List-parts display sometimes incorrectly reported which parts had been found. This has been fixed.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause News Rover to crash if a MIME specification included a file name that had a device and directory.

    ======== Version 4.2, rev. 8: 23 Feb 1999 ========

  • Added a "List parts" button to the multi-part configuration screen. When a partial file entry is selected and the button is clicked a list is displayed showing which parts have been collected and which ones are missing.

  • Changed the default scan priority for new servers to 5.

  • Improved the Gallery "Import JPG" feature to allow it to generate thumbnail images for JPG files that are already stored in the save area for the interest group.

    ======== Version 4.2, rev. 7: 20 Feb 1999 ========

  • Fixed a bug that caused it not to delete message entries when the associated gallery thumbnails or file attachments were deleted. This bug was introduced in version 4.2, Rev. 5.

  • Added file type selection options to the menu for creating the first Autoscan interest group.

  • Added the ability to selectively exclude certain file types.

    ======== Version 4.2, rev. 6: 18 Feb 1999 ========

  • Improved popup help text associated with some toolbar buttons.

  • Fixed obscure bug that could cause a divide error on very rare occasions.

    ======== Version 4.2, rev. 5: 16 Feb 1999 ========

  • Improved handling of file attachments with long file names. In particular, fixed a bug that caused them not to be handled properly if the file name contained a comma.

  • Fixed a bug that caused messages formatted using RFC2047 with text containing "=?ISO-...?=" sequences not to be correctly decoded.

  • Changed the picture gallery to allow replies to messages associated with pictures even if the pictures are stored directly into the permanent save area and the option is set to not delete pictures when messages are deleted.

    ======== Version 4.2, rev. 4: 10 Feb 1999 ========

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to initiate more connections to a news server than set in the properties if an attempt was made to get headers for many newsgroups and the server was slow in responding to the pending connections.

  • Changed News Rover to initially use the full screen (i.e., display maximized) when it is initially run. Also changed the default size of the splitter windows and column widths.

  • Changed the default font selection to 10 point Arial.

  • Changed the installation procedure so that News Rover is started automatically at the end of the installation.

    ======== Version 4.2, rev. 2: 1 Feb 1999 ========

  • Automatically expand the list of subscribed newsgroups for a news server when new newsgroup subscriptions are added to it.

  • Improved multi-part message reconstruction to properly handle MIME encoded messages that are split into multiple parts.

  • When beginning scanning messages for a newsgroup, if the new highest message number returned by the news server is lower than the last message number scanned by News Rover, reset and rescan all messages in the newsgroup.

  • Changed picture gallery selection action when right clicking or pressing the Delete key. Now, if the cursor is on a picture that is not currently selected, only that picture is affected by the operation (unless the Ctrl key is pressed).

  • Added checkbox to Configure/Advanced screen to set the picture gallery to display full-size images when a single click occurs on a picture.

  • Changed parsing of URL's in messages to allow them to include commas.

  • Added code to display an error message in the lower window of the main display when a request is made to download a message that is no longer available on the server.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to fail to disconnect from one news server and connect to another one when doing multi-server Autoscan.

  • If a newsgroup was subscribed to, headers downloaded and then unsubscribed quickly, the connection to the news server could be left connected.

  • News Rover did not sort the list of messages after downloading a batch of incoming e-mail.

    ======== Version 4.2, rev. 1: 28 Jan 1999 ========

  • Added information to the Help file better describing the operation of the picture gallery and explaining how to import JPG picture files.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if you attempted to update the list of available messages for all subscribed newsgroups on a news server.
    ======== Version 4.2, rev. 0: 27 Jan 1999 ========

  • Added new feature to allow JPG files to be imported into News Rover interest groups or file folders and have thumbnail images generated for display in the gallery.

  • Added feature to permit temporary blocks on senders from the picture gallery.

  • Added throttle feature to specify bandwidth utilization percent.

  • Added a new "wizard" to guide new users through subscribing to newsgroups and getting an initial set of message headers.

  • If there were messages with duplicate article ID strings, the unread message count for the newsgroup could be set incorrectly.

  • If an attached file had a slash ('/') in its file name, the file was not being created and stored. The solution is to replace slash characters with dashes because Windows will not create files with slashes in their names.

  • When previewing an incomplete multi-part file using an external viewer, the external viewer would sometimes be unable to open the file.

  • News Rover now checks and disallows unsubscribing from a newsgroup while messages downloads are active for the newsgroup.

  • Attempting to file a message to a folder whose save area was a full disk, or removable disk with no media, still resulted in the original message being deleted even though the attached file was not correctly copied.

    ======== Version 4.1, rev. 5: 21 Jan 1999 ========

  • Added counts and dates to the display of blocked senders. Also added a button to expire entries that have not been used in a long time.

  • Fixed a mail retrieval bug which caused News Rover to only retrieve one session each time "Get new mail" was checked.

    ======== Version 4.1, rev. 4: 20 Jan 1999 ========

  • Fixed a bug in sending messages. If you omit the subject you are asked if you still want to send it, but even if you say yes, the message is not sent.

  • Multipart messages with file names longer than 30 characters caused News Rover to report "Ignoring message with null filename". This has been fixed.

  • Some SMTP servers which sent out an extended greeting, notably, could not be used for sending mail. This has been corrected.

  • Added spam elimination to the How-Do-I list.

  • Added Ctrl-N control character which causes the next unread message to be displayed (and fetched from the news server if necessary).

    ======== Version 4.1, rev. 3: 18 Jan 1999 ========

  • Added right-click commands for online newsgroups and news servers to get all of the new messages (both headers and bodies).

  • Added key-press commands: (space) read messages, 'U' up to previous message, 'D' down to next message, 'N' skip to next unread message, 'S' skip to next unread message in next thread and mark all remaining messages in current thread as read.

  • Fixed another gallery problem that could leave blank spaces if there were missing .bmp thumbnail image files in positions beyond the initial display page.

  • Fixed a gallery bug that could cause it to accumulate large amounts of memory when deleting pictures.

    ======== Version 4.1, rev. 2: 16 Jan 1999 ========

  • Fixed problem that caused some of the gallery thumbnail images to be improperly displayed if there were missing BMP thumbnail image files.

  • Fixed Rebuild to correct a problem that could leave invalid data linkages in message databases following a Rebuild operation.

  • Fixed a bug in the picture gallery that could cause News Rover to die or become hung in a loop while setting up the list of thumbnail images.

  • Added "How-do-I..." tutorial feature to the main menu.

  • Changed the message edit routine so that when replying to a message that has a file name in the subject, the file part numbers are stripped from the reply subject but the file name is left intact.

  • Changed the Save-all-attachments operation so that it no longer complains if some of the file attachments are missing.

  • Changed the message database read-next operation so that if an internal file consistency error is detected it simulates end of file rather than attemping to continue reading which could lead to a loop.

    ======== Version 4.1, rev. 1: 11 Jan 1999 ========

  • Fixed problem that caused empty rectangles to be displayed in the gallery if some of the BMP thumbnail image files were missing.

    ======== Version 4.1, rev. 0: 8 Jan 1999 ========

  • Changed to new faster database system for storing messages.

  • Make forwarded messages that have attached files forward the attachments with the message.

  • Fixed bug that could cause News Rover to die with a "Divide Error" when it was started if it was stopped during the previous run in a minimized display state.

  • File folder list did not show the names of the file folders if you attempted to file a message in the outbox.

  • Fixed bug which failed to delete previews

  • Added enhanced help for some error messages

  • Fixed bug which failed to treat two files with the same name, but whose sizes varied by over 2000 bytes, as different files. Instead they were treated as duplicates.

  • Enhanced the display management to hold the focus in the message list after various displays occurred.

    ======== Version 4.0, rev. 5: 31 Dec 1998 ========

  • Fixed bug that caused subscribed newsgroups to be not fully deleted when a server was removed.

  • Added font selection to the message header display list.

  • Fixed bug in file attachment decoding that caused it to failt to decode a MIME file attachment if the MIME-Version statement didn't occur before other MIME statements.

    ======== Version 4.0, rev. 4: 29 Dec 1998 ========

  • Changed the term "Search Expression" to "Filter".

  • Fixed bug that caused the newsgroup display list to be messed up after adding a filing folder.

  • The duplicate file and duplicate message list entries were not being expired properly. Only 100 entries were being removed from the list each day.

  • Made it possible to select multiple messages and move them to a filing folder as a group.

    ======== Version 4.0, rev. 3: 22 Dec 1998 ========

  • Added Help/On-line and Help/E-mail support options.

  • Added capability to resize pictures to fit the full screen.

  • Added capability to change font for message display and edit.

  • Fixed scrolling bug that occurred if there were more than 32,767 items in a list.

  • Message displays are now positioned at either the first line of the body of the message or the line that has the first Include keyword, whichever comes first.

  • Dialing did not redial the specified number of times.

  • Added a message list sort option to sort in descending date order.

  • Improved the speed of display of the duplicate file and duplicate message lists.

    ======== Version 4.0, rev. 2: 21 Dec 1998 ========

  • A Bug was fixed that allowed the "Save as..." command, on various menus such as the picture gallery, to store files with null extensions.

  • A bug was fixed regarding messages posted to newsgroups. Messages that were split into multiple parts did not specify the part number on the subject line.

  • After unsubscribing from a newsgroup, or deleting an interest group or file folder, the section header in the display tree is now selected as the active entry. This bug was fixed.

    ======== Version 4.0, rev. 1: 18 Dec 1998 ========

  • A bug was fixed that produced the message "You must specify at least one recipient" when you were trying to post to a newsgroup without an e-mail address for the recipient.

    ============ Version 4.0, 17 Dec 1998 ============

  • Major new version of News Rover with interactive mode.

    =============== Version 3.3, Rev. 0 ===============

  • A bug was fixed that could cause News Rover to die with a memory protection error if the option was turned on to log all server I/O communication and an extremely long message record was received from the server.

  • A bug was fixed that could cause Include or Exclude expressions to work incorrectly if they contained a quoted search string and the string had words with hyphens in them.

  • Enhancement added: A default newsgrop list (ng.def) to make it faster and easier to initially install News Rover and add a new server.

  • Enhancement added: The newsgroup category list ( was added to display newsgroup categories.

  • Enhancement added: News Rover previously did not allow UU-encoded file names to contain spaces. With this version, a file name specified on the "begin" line within a message is allowed to have spaces. Spaces are still not allowed in file names specified as part of the subject line, but a file name specified on the "begin" line will override the file name specified on the subject line.

  • Enhancement added to trial version: Increased the number of messages and files that can be downloaded by the demonstration version of News Rover from 20 to 50.

  • Enhancement made to speed up the process of downloading the list of available newsgroups from a news server.

    =============== Version 3.2, Rev. 1 ===============

  • A bug was fixed that was introduced in version 3.2 Rev. 0 that caused News Rover to hang when the "Next" button was clicked on the newsgroup selection page when creating an interest group to only get messages with file attachments.

  • Enhancement added: Improved the speed of writing the names of newsgroups to disk when getting the list of available newsgroups from the news server.

    =============== Version 3.2, Rev. 0 ===============

  • A bug was fixed that could cause News Rover to die when getting POP e-mail if a message had a non-terminated header.

  • Enhancement added: Streamlined the initial setup and installation screens so that defaults are used in most cases, significantly reducing the number of setup screens that need to be filled in to get started.

    =============== Version 3.1, Rev. 1 ===============

  • Bug Fix: when News Rover discarded part # 0 of a multi-part message, it incorrectly incremented the duplicate file counter as well as the part 0 rejection counter.

    =============== Version 3.1, Rev. 0 ===============

  • Enhancement added: code to timeout I/O operations to the news server in case the server goes down and stops responding to our requests.

  • Fixed a bug in the Read-new-messages function that caused it to read old messages if the Delete button was used to advance to the next message.

    =============== Version 3.0, Rev. 3 ===============

  • Enhancement added to improve tracking of individual messages in event log by including article numbers, which part duplicates parts already retrieved, and so on.

  • Enhancement made to decode MIME messages that have nested multipart sections.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem with initial connection test for news server.

  • For file selection purposes, made 'jpg' equivalent to 'jpeg', 'mpg' equivalent to 'mpeg', 'htm' equivalent to 'htm', etc.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem that caused News Rover to ignore the configuration options that cause it to hold a continuous dial-up connection.

  • Enhancement: Expanded size of variable that holds total byte count to avoid overflows when doing large number of downloads.

  • Enhancement added global exclusion expression.

  • Enhancement added sender blocking using an entire domain name.

    =============== Version 3.0, Rev. 2 ===============

  • Bug Fix: involving long newsgroup names

  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem posting messages with no files when encoding was set to MIME

  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem storing message expiration values greater than 127

  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem moving range of attachments to a folder

  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem with newsgroup "References:" line

    =============== Version 3.0, Rev. 1 ===============

  • A bug was fixed involving deleteing files in picture gallery, then doing a delete all

  • Message expiration put into single thread

  • Bug Fix regarding browing outbox with split messages

    =============== Version 3.0, Rev. 0 ===============

  • Microsoft Access database support "DAO" was added to News Rover

  • Anonymous Remailer support was added

  • Command-line run options were added