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How to Install and Run News Rover
This tutorial is designed for someone who has already downloaded News Rover from the download page. If you haven't downloaded News Rover yet, click here to get it.

Once your download completes, a file named 'nrsetup.exe' will be stored in your default download directory. If you don't know where this directory is, click on the "Start" button at the bottom left hand side of your screen. Then click on the 'Find' button then on 'Files or Folders...' button.
Now enter in 'nrsetup.exe' and make sure that you select "My Computer" when doing the search to make sure that the search tool actually searches all of your computer and then click the 'Find Now' button.
Now, double click on the 'nrsetup.exe' down in the white box. Or, click on it once and press enter. Either way it will start up the installation program. From there, the wizards will guide you through the installation of News Rover.
To run News Rover, Click the 'Start' button on the lower left hand side of your screen, then click 'Programs', then click 'News Rover' then click on the 'News Rover' icon.

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