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FAQ - News Rover Sleeps

There is nothing wrong with News Rover being in a "Sleeping" state.  Whenever you start an Autoscan run, News Rover scans all of the newsgroups that are part of your interest groups, downloads the messages that meet your selection criteria, then sleeps until one hour has elapsed to give the news server a chance to collect new messages. So "Sleeping" really means "I have scanned every newsgroup, gotten all of the messages you want, and am now giving the news server a rest."

If you wish to change how long it sleeps between runs, go to the Configure/General screen and change the value of "Minutes to delay between runs".

If you want to force it to do another scan while it is sleeping, click the Run button on the Autoscan control panel a second time (while it is in the sleeping state). If you want to force News Rover to go back a certain number of days and rescan newsgroups, modify the properties of your interest group(s), go to the "Dates" page and specify the number of days to go back for the rescan.

If News Rover is unable to find any messages for an extended period of time (several hours or a day), and it just goes to sleep, the problem could be one of two things:

1. Your news server might be sick and unable to receive and post new messages to its newsgroups. You can check this by subscribing to some of the newsgroups, downloading the message headers and checking to see if any messages have been received recently. If no new messages are coming in, you should contact your news server support dept. and ask them what is going on.

2. Your news server might have reset their message numbering sequence.  If this happens, new messages may have numbers that look old. In that case the thing to do is to modify the properties of each News Rover Autoscan Interest Group, go to the Dates property page, then specify that the scan should start back a few days.

3. You might have set some message selection criteria that are filtering out all messages. The best way to check this is to do an Autoscan run, then click Control on the main menu followed by Autoscan statistics. These statistics break down all of the reasons messages are being skipped over.  Examine how many newsgroups are being scanned, how many messages are being scanned, and look at the numbers in the right column that show why messages
are being skipped over rather than downloaded.

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