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FAQ - How many connections should I configure News Rover to make to my news server?

Generally, News Rover will achieve the maximum download speed if it is configured to make the maximum number of connections to the news server that the server will allow. The server connection limits are specified on News Rover's Configure/Server screen:

It is very important that you not configure News Rover to try to make more simultaneous connections than the news server allows. Each server has its own connection limits for each user. Some servers allow only 2 connections, other servers may allow 10 or more. Typically servers allow about 4 connections.

If you configure News Rover to make more simultaneous connections than the server allows, you will see error messages such as "Message is no longer available on server", "Unable to combine message parts" or logon failures. If this happens, reduce the total connection limit.

If you are using a slow, dial-up connection, it is unlikely that you will see much of a speed gain beyond 2 simultaneous connections. But if you are using a broadband connection, you usually will see a significant increase in speed from 1 to 4 connections and then a leveling off as your Internet connection becomes saturated. The following chart shows the typical download speed in K-bytes/second through a cable modem versus the number of connections:

As you increase the connection limit, News Rover will run faster, and it will consume more of your total Internet capacity. If you are doing web browsing while News Rover is running, you may notice a slowdown on page loads as the web data has to compete with News Rover for bandwidth. If you find that the impact on your network is too great when News Rover is downloading, you should reduce the maximum connection limits.

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