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FAQ - When multiple messages are queued for download I see “Message is no longer available on server” or “Unable to combine message parts”

The problem you are having could be caused by having News Rover configured to try to make more simultaneous connections to your news server than the server allows. All news servers have some sort of limit on the maximum
simultaneous connections that each user can make. If you exceed the limit, the server may refuse the connection, or it may return various error codes.

When these server errors occur, News Rover may report that the message is no longer available on the server or that it is unable to combine message parts. Sometimes when this happens, News Rover puts a black down-arrow icon
next to the message entry indicating that the download failed and the message is "tagged" for later download. You can click the down-arrow icon on the toolbar to retry the pending downloads.

Each server has its own connection limit -- some servers allow as few as 2 simultaneous connections while others allow up to 10. A typical limit is 4 simultaneous connections.

Go to the Configure/Server screen in News Rover and look at the three values near the bottom of the screen in the group labeled "Max. connections to server". The most critical of the three is "Total", which limits the total connections including both Autoscan and subscribed newsgroups. Set the total allowed connections to 2 and see if that solves your problem. If it does, gradually increase it until you start having problems, then back it down one step.

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