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FAQ - How can I backup News Roverís control files?

Backing up News Rover's control files is a little tricky because they are stored in a number of directories. The amount of data you need to back up depends on whether you just want to store the basic configuration data or also downloaded messages and files.

Begin by backing up the directory where News Rover is installed which is normally c:\Program Files\NewsRover\ If you're not sure where News Rover is installed, right click on its icon on your desktop screen, select Properties and note the directory shown for the "Target".

Next, backup the first level of directories under the News Rover installation folder. Some of them can be omitted if you wish. Here is a list:

Hdrinfo -- REQUIRED. It has information about the scan position in each group.

Temp -- NOT REQUIRED and usually empty. You do not need to back it up.

Parts -- OPTIONAL. This directory stores parts that have been downloaded by Autoscan but not yet combined to make a complete message. If you don't back up this directory, the only effect will be that pending, incomplete parts will never get combined.

Projects -- REQUIRED. Within the Projects directory you will find a numbered subdirectory for each subscribed newsgroup, Autoscan interest group, Newsgroup Search, e-mail and Filing Folder.

You MUST backup the top-level directory of each of the numbered project directories. This has the control files that describe the project (Project.tio) and the database with the stored messages(New.rov).

Some projects will have subdirectories under the numbered directories. It is optional to back these up. Here is a list:

Files -- OPTIONAL. This directory has the downloaded and decoded files associated with messages in the directory.

Gallery -- OPTIONAL. This directory has .BMP thumbnail images for JPG pictures that are displayed in the picture gallery for the group.

Msg -- RECOMMENDED backup. This directory stores the bodies of messages that are too large to be stored in the message database. If you don't back up this directory, large messages (over 32k) will not be saved. Note: large messages with attached files that could be decoded are not considered "large" because only the remaining body after removing the file counts in the size.

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