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FAQ - “No program has been specified to process files of type…”

When I try to launch a multimedia (AVI, MPG, MOV, RM) file I get a message saying “No program has been specified to process files of type…”

In order to play multimedia files such as AVI and MPEG, you must have two components installed: Windows Media Player and the appropriate compressor/decompressor (CODEC) module.

Windows now ships with Media Player as a standard part of the system.  However, if it is not installed on your computer, you can download it from:

Each type of file (AVI, MPEG, etc.) requires a different CODEC.  Fortunately, Microsoft provides CODECs for many common file types such as JPG and MPEG. They do not, however, provide a CODEC for AVI files.  Fortunately, you can download a good free one from this site:

What you need to download is "ivX 5.0" (or a later version). The free DivX player will be installed along with the CODEC, but you can ignore the player. Media Player will use the DivX AVI CODEC.

For MOV files, you need to get to get the QuickTime player. You can download it from  (Apple produces it, but there is a version for Windows).

Another good, free multimedia player that can handle some obscure file types (as well as the common file types) is "VLC Media Player". You can download it from  If you encounter a media type that the other players can't handle, try VLC.

For RM (RealMedia) files, you need to get a copy of the RealOne player from

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