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FAQ - What is “Usenet”? Why do I need News Rover?

Usenet has been called the "undiscovered treasure of the Internet" because it is an enormous source of information and files, but relatively few people use it compared to e-mail and web browsing.

In order to access Usenet, you need to have two things:
1. A Usenet newsreader such as News Rover
2. Access to some Usenet news server

Most Internet Service Providers offer free access to a Usenet news server as part of their service. Two notable exceptions are AOL which does not provide Usenet access and MSN which has a news server that can be accessed only by Outlook Express. Comcast provides free access to a news server, but you must request access to it and have them authorize your account for it.

If your ISP does not provide a Usenet news server or you are not satisfied with their news server, you can subscribe to one of the commercial Usenet news servers. For a list of recommended Usenet news servers, please see:

You need to know two things about the Usenet news server:
1. The address of the server. Usually this has the form
2. The logon account and password needed to connect to the news server.

Once you get the address of the news server and the logon information, enter it on News Rover's Configure/Server screen.

After you enter the server information and exit the configuration section, News Rover will ask if you want to download the list of newsgroups available on the news server. Select the option to download the list of newsgroups.

Once you get your Usenet news server information configured, you are ready to use News Rover to download messages and files.

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