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FAQ - How do I specify where downloaded files are stored?

Normally, News Rover stores downloaded files in a temporary holding directory until you have a chance to review the files and decide if you want to save them or delete them. While in the holding directory, the files will be deleted whenever the associated message is deleted. Once you save a file to an external directory, the file will not be deleted when the message is deleted.

You can save a file to an external directory by right clicking on the message entry in the right panel and selecting "Save", "Save attachments", "Save attachments as..." or "Move attachments to..." from the popup menu. Once you save an attachment, the colored paper-clip icon shown at the left end of the message entry will change color to green.

You can set a default save directory for a group so that you can use the Save function to save batches of files without specifying the directory each time. To do that, right click on the name of the group in the left panel and select Properties. Then select the Attached Files property page, and specify the default save directory at the top of the screen. Then you can select groups of messages and use the Save function to transfer the attached files to that directory without having to select a directory or confirm each file that is saved.

If you prefer, you can set News Rover to store downloaded files directly into some folder that you specify, bypassing the holding directory. To do this, right click on the name of the group in the left panel and select Properties from the popup menu. Then go to the Attached Files property page. Specify the directory where you want the files stored in the field labeled "Directory where saved files are stored", and check the radio button below that field labeled "Store incoming files directly into my save directory". You should Uncheck the box labeled "Delete files from save directory when messages or thumbnails are deleted" if you want News Rover to leave the files even if you delete the associated message.

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