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Support - How to Browse Usenet Newsgroups Using News Rover

Start News Rover and click on the name of your news server in the main left panel to select it. Then click the 4th toolbar icon from the left end (the flyby help says "List newsgroups available for subscription" when you put your cursor over the icon).

The Newsgroup Subscription Control screen will come up. You will see a list of all newsgroups available on the selected news server. You can browse that list and double-click the newsgroups you want "subscribe" to. A red arrow will appear to the left of the name of a newsgroup when you subscribe to it. You can double-click again to unsubscribe.

To make browsing the list easier, you can type a word or a portion of a word in the field above the list labeled "From this category, select only newsgroups whose names contain". News Rover will then change the list to display only the newsgroups who have what you typed in their names. For example, if you are looking for the automobile newsgroups, type automobile in the selection field and only newsgroups with automobile in their names will be displayed. Clear the field to display all newsgroup names.

Once you finish subscribing to the newsgroups you want, click the "Finished" button to exit from the subscription control screen.

If you subscribed to a binary newsgroup, News Rover will display a screen recommending an initial "Display Filter" for the group. This controls which messages are displayed. Click the button labeled "Use this filter" to accept the filter recommended by News Rover.

You will now see the main News Rover screen. In the left panel, the newsgroups you subscribed to should be listed under the name of your news server. If there is a '+' next to the name of the news server, click it to display the list of subscribed newsgroups.

Click on the name of one of the newsgroups to select it. Since no messages have been downloaded yet for that group, News Rover will display a screen asking if you want to download the list of all messages or just some of them. Click the button labeled "Get all message headers", and News Rover will download the list of messages available in the newsgroup. You can then browse the list of messages shown in the main right panel and select which ones you want to download.

When you want to update the list of messages available in the newsgroup, select the group and then click the 7th toolbar icon from the left end (the flyby help say "Get new headers for the current newsgroup").

There are several ways to download messages shown in the right panel:

If you just want to get individual messages, double-click on the ones that you want. A black lightning bolt indicates the message is queued to be downloaded, a flashing lighting bolt indicates that the message is currently being downloaded. News Rover can do multiple downloads at the same time.

If you want to select a range of messages to download, single click on the first message in the range to select it, then scroll down to the last message you want to download, hold down the Shift key and click on it. This will select all of the messages in the range. Then right click on a message in the list and select "Download selected messages" from the popup menu. You can select messages that are not in a contiguous range by clicking on the first message and then holding down the Ctrl key while you select other messages.

You can also "tag" messages for later download. To do this, click in the box shown at the left end of message lines in the right panel. A down-arrow icon will appear in the box indicating that the message is tagged for download. Once you finish tagging the messages you want, click the down-arrow icon on the main toolbar to start downloading the tagged messages. You can tag messages in multiple newsgroups before starting the downloads. You can even stop and restart News Rover and do the downloads at a later time.

You will find that there are many actions available when you right click on message entries or the names of newsgroups or news servers, so we recommend you experiment with right clicking on various types of items to see what options are available.

When News Rover finishes downloading a message with a file attachment, a paper-clip icon appears to the left of the message entry. You can single-click on the paper-clip icon to launch the file attached to the message. A red icon means that the attachment has never been launched, a blue icon means that the attachment has been launched, but it has not been saved to an external directory. A green icon means that it has been saved to an external directory. You can also click on the name of the file shown in red in the body of the message in the lower window to launch the file attachment.

In addition to the message list, each newsgroup as an associated Picture Gallery for viewing JPG thumbnail images and a file list. Find the name of a newsgroup in the left panel, and if there is a '+' next to its name, click the '+' to open the option list. Then click Picture Gallery to enter the picture gallery. If the group has any messages with attached JPG pictures, an array of thumbnail images will be shown. You can double-click on a thumbnail image to display it full-size.

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