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People LOVE News Rover!!

"My investment in News Rover has been my best investment in software." M.S.

says: "Easily the client with the best automated newsgroup message retrieval, News Rover excels at sifting through multiple servers, multiple newsgroups, and all the ensuing messages, then downloading only those that match the criteria you set. You can program News Rover to dial up on a schedule you set, winnow Usenet, deposit messages and even binary files onto your drive, then log off. Classy, cool, and sophisticated."

says: "If waiting gets you down, try News Rover, from S&H Computer Systems. This $29.95 product for Microsoft Windows 95 and NT can download newsgroup binaries at times you determine, and it can handle both MIME and uuencoding. News Rover can watch more than one set of newsgroups and create a thumbnail gallery of images. You can filter out spam and target your downloads with specific search terms. News Rover also includes full e-mail capabilities and text-message reading."


Experts agree, we're officially cool! Read why News Rover was awarded "Cool Tool of the Day"

From the review:
Not only does this thing do all the usual stuff that newsreaders do, ... it stands head and shoulders above the rest of the rabble because it lets you sort your newsgroups by your interests and keywords, then only plucks out those articles, pictures, and binaries you want to read. Cool!

The following are extractions from e-mail messages we have received from customers.
Thanks for all your kind words!

R.A. says:
Rave: I'm absolutely astonished & wildly gratified finally to have discovered an application that really does what its hype says it will do--and more! This, combined with its ease of use & your extremely sensible & reasonable price, makes your product far and away the most usable & cost-effective computer product I've encountered for a long, long time.

B.D. says:
Absolutely love News of the most productive pieces of software I've ever purchased!

W.P. says:
Months back (6-8) I purchased a full version of your newsreader. After trying a number of the other readers available, I can say without hesitation, your product is the best I have used. Vastly superior to all others I have loaded and then unloaded almost immediately.

S.L. says:
I just wanted to stop by to let you know that I think News Rover is truly awesome. Amazing! It works perfectly and is incredibly stable considering the size of some of the files it throws around. Kudos! Overall it's really freaking amazing. PS. I tried to find comparable software for Macs but nothing comes close.

K.I.A. says:
This is the best program I have on my computer. I have tried all the news readers on the market, but you are a horse head over the others. It should had the name News Rover Pro.

M.F. says:
Thanks again for a brilliant piece of software, I just love using it, sure, it took a couple of days getting used to, but it's marvellous now.

C.R. says:
I was very happy with NewsBin Pro until I tried News Rover. I was/am a registered user of NewsBin Pro, tried News Rover and deleted NewsBin Pro off of my system. Could have saved some money if I had tried News Rover first.

T.M. says:
This program is awesome! It has opened up the world of newsgroups that I never knew existed. I would recommend this program to anyone who uses the Internet.

R.S. says:
Good job. Rover is VERY user friendly and effective. I've tried (and lost my money) on products like "Agent" because it is so difficult to understand and use. Rover uses plain language and techniques to get you where you want to go. Agent assumes you are a computer geek and that you understand all the newsgroup computerese that they throw at you.

S.M. says:
I registered this program very recently because I was very impressed with its responsiveness and its ability to suit my actual needs for a news reader. This has come after years of using Agent. Very well done to all, and keep up the good work.

B.P. says:
I recently installed News Rover, reluctantly, after trying and having several other news readers. It turned out to be everything I wanted the others to be and weren't. I didn't think it was possible to do what it does for me now, and I think there are parts of it that will do more. I am an older retired person, the kind that isn't supposed to understand the "newspeak" of today's technologies, but I do, to some limited level. I like to download and News Rover has made that a lot more fun.

W.C. says:
Count me as one of the many happy campers. This product is great. I tried Agent and NewBin Pro. News Rover is by far superior. Keep up the good work you guys are providing to the Net community.

S.M. says:
In an Internet world full of crappy software, your newsreader is the best I have found....and, that's after using Agent, Gravity, a Netscape reader and Outlook.

P.M. says:
I have got to tell you just how impressed I am with the whole News Rover Team. The program has opened up a window that I didn't even know existed a few weeks ago. The News Rover program is totally awesome, but that's not why I'm writing this. Since I downloaded the evaluation version of the program, I've asked for technical support 3 times (at least) and I have gotten an email answer to my question almost immediately, no matter what day it was and no matter what time it was. You've told me things I truly had no idea even existed like the answer below. I just can't tell you how totally pleased I am with your support and willingness to help out. You have one very happy customer and you can rest assured that I'll be telling all my friends about not only your program but also the awesome support that is given on a moments notice.

Please forward this email to the whole News Rover Team as I want you all to know just how pleased I am and to encourage the whole team to keep up the unmatched, totally awesome, job you all are doing.

T.W. says:
It is rare for me to write to a software company without a complaint! But this is a compliment!

This is the first program I've ever purchased that did the following:
1) Actually worked!, and
2) didn't screw-up my PC!

Everything I could possibly want to do with newsgroups, your program simplifies! Not to mention the fact that, for a computer dummy like me, your program is easy to figure out!!! :-)

Thank you for a truly fantastic program! I am very impressed! ***FOUR PAWS UP***

M.R. says:
Congratulations on another fine upgrade to an already great product. I've been using this Newsreader exclusively for the past almost 4 years and am impressed by how stable it has become. I've told many that if you don't have News Rover, you're missing the best experience.

Thank you for continuing to update this product and making my news experience one of joy rather than pain and cursing.

J.C. says:
Just a note on your software. I shopped for a good news reader during the past 5 weeks and looked at two or three, but none of them compared to the features that News Rover offered which is why I am purchasing it. I will recommend this software to as many people as I can.

C.V. says:
I just wanted to thank all of you for an excellent product. News Rover has been my sunshine for the last year. I'm as addicted to it as most desperate singles are into chat lines. Thank you again for doing an outstanding job with the programming as News Rover is a very stable application and comes loaded with useful functions.

W.B. says:
News Rover is by far the best news reader available. I have played with many other only to be disappointed. I have been a user for may years, and there is no doubt, NR Rocks! Thanks for all you hard work and excellent support!!!

K.C. says:
The News Rover program is the best news group program I have ever encountered. I don't "buy" software often, but this one was certainly worth the money many times over (in time savings alone).

S.R. says:
I indeed have tried other auto "news readers/down loaders", and I think News Rover is by far richer in features, stability, and ease of use than others.

C.V. says:
News Rover is a great program. I tried several others, but NR is the one I bought and use daily. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Again, thank you for such a powerful program!

R.M. says:
I just don't understand how people can use anything else. Your program is SO much easier to use, and seems to be SO much more powerful than any other program I've tried. Thanks for the help and thanks for a great program!

B.C. says:
On February 7, 2003, I purchased, and downloaded my first newsreader - News Rover. It was probably one of the best decisions of my life. Although it has taken this somewhat computer illiterate person a while to "get the hang" of the features, I now wonder how I lived without it.

S.N. says:
I'm a former Agent user, and I have to say how impressed I am with News Rover. Especially the multi-threading. Nice job, guys.

C.P. says:
This is easily the best binary news downloader product there is... period! After playing with literally dozens of programs, I was delighted to hand over the money and register!

J.D. says:
The main reason for this reply is express my deep appreciation for this software. As a novice, I could not for the life of me figure out how to process PAR files. I could find no reasonable explanation and so had stopped even dealing with RAR files. However, I recently came across a RAR set that really piqued my interest. So, as a long shot, I used the Google search engine to see if I could find a simple way of processing PAR files. And that is where I found News Rover listed. After reading your promise of a build-in PAR processor, I purchased your software immediately without even trying the demo offered. AND AM I EVER DELIGHTED. I just finished downloading a large file with a missing RAR file put but with a PAR file. I followed your website instruction on PAR files and to my utter amazement the whole process worked as clearly, informatively, and completely as promised. So I am truly a happy camper and just wanted to say that News Rover is the best investment I have made in software in a long time.

D.O. says:
I've used various newsreaders over the years, but News Rover is by FAR the best, most versatile, and easiest to use reader I've experienced. Thank you for your product!

S.M. says:
I downloaded and installed the new version of News Rover. My gosh, it's the greatest newreader and browser I've seen yet. I quit using Agent after I got this puppy. Multiple server scan, AutoScan (beautiful feature -- dreamy), very advanced filtering configuration, handles combining and decompression of RAR files, anonymous posting through anonymous

Set up AutoScan (soooo nice), then you just sit back and just let News Rover operate in cruise control scanning all your servers (32 max), and downloading everything you've configured to download -- all your servers, message keyword inclusions, exclusions, subject and body keywords, non-binary, all binaries, gif files, anything in the world you want to include and exclude. Man, this is so nice. This program works so smooth, it's like driving a Cadillac with the cruise control on and letting the navigation system direct it's kidding. The way in which it stores the downloaded binaries or dicussion articles into each newsgroup is such a breeze and so efficient. Just expand the individual newsgroup in the left pane window and it collapes into 4 subfolders beneath: Messages folder, Picture Gallery folder, File Attachments folder, and htm Attachments folder. Any or all articles or attachments which you download are automatically stored into their respective folders under that particular newsgroup. Man, this is so nice. Even the graphics viewing interface has been enhanced. Nice slide show feature added this version. The whole program is totally awesome. When it scans multiple servers, it filters and eliminates duplicate messages and duplicate files.

R.C. says:
I recently purchased News Rover ...what a great program! I purchased NewBin Pro not that long ago and your News Rover just blows it out of the water! I've uninstalled NewsBin Pro for good! Thanks for a fantastic program!

C.D. says:
I want to reiterate my opinion that News Rover is by far, the best newsreader. I had been using UltraLeecher in lieu of News Rover, but I have become increasingly frustrated at the freezup of my system and the huge drain on my system. I have happily returned to NewsRover.

P.B. says:
I never fail to be impressed with News Rover. When downloading multipart messages it just quietly gets on with the job of joining the parts into one file ready for playing whereas, according to the PINGs you read in the headers, so many people using other programs seem to have permanent problems sorting out how to use yEnc and how to get multipart messages joined satisfactorily. News Rover and the VideoLAN (VLC) media player make an excellent combination in being able to download and play almost anything.

J.B. says:
I've been building, breaking and using computers since 1980. Starting with CP/M and Zylog chips, the path has gone through Basic, DOS, Unix, Windoze, Linux and other OS approaches.

Throughout that time, I've been a software collector, admiring what I regard as the high point of modern writing. Some are freeware, some shareware, some pirated, some bought. But the basic interest is to see what is being done in creative coding.

You have done a very fine job with News Rover. I am now proceeding to your Registration Page, and happy to contribute with admiration for your work.

R.S. says:
I am a FORMER Newsgrabber user who is amazed at the stability and useability of this software. I have had absolutely no problems and will recommend it highly.

M.R. says:
Your program seems absolutely wonderful! Very detailed, obviously quite a lot of thought went into this. I expect you to be bought out by Microsoft and your program to be assimilated into Outlook at their next update. Make sure you ask for an extraordinary sum! I'm sure you'll get it!

K.E. says:
I have been a registered user for many years now and marvel at the progress you have made with News Rover. With every update I find a better and easier product to us. I tried Agent and was easily frustrated with its complex interface. News Rover is so easy to use; I recommend it to all my friends.

B.S. says:
I have been into computers for years. I began with a Kpro and one of the first Tandy 32k-color computers. I've both branched out into rarified computers and regularly upgraded over the long years. There's a good chance I've owned 80% of the computers that have come down the pike. Perhaps a half a dozen times in all the hundreds of programs I've loaded on all those machines over the years were perfect in concept. ...(early) Peter Norton, before the "Name" instead of the product was the marketed commodity; Word-Perfect before they sold out; Paint-Shop-Pro II.

Your product is up there with them. News Rover is a WORK OF ART. Granted there are glitches, bugs and other devils but this is nothing compared to the fact that News Rover's creators took on the whole array of available data types out there on the newsgroups and created an idiot proof set of self maintaining tools for downloading and viewing ...I would think, nearly any user regardless of his or her expertise could say the same thing after 3 or 4 days. As I said, your program is a WORK OF ART. BRAVO !!!

A.K. says:
Just purchased your 'awesome time saver product' after trying the demo version last night - You just added weeks and months to my life. (Now I do not have to sit staring at the monitor). Thanks for developing this much needed tool.

T.T. says:
Thanks again for such a great News Rover. I just love it. I have been using it for over 4 years, and it is one of the best purchases I have made since I purchased my first computer.

R.H. says:
Thanks -- I really do like the service. I own an art gallery and search all over the world for artists and galleries. News Rover works all night for me so that I can come in in the morning and view the scans from the night before. It cuts down my "find time" by at least 70 or 80% and the exclude feature eliminates the SPAM wonderfully.

K.G. says:
This is the best program I have ever bought, Gravity would crash on a regular basis. Agent had nothing for automating your downloads. And the newest version of Rover is the best yet.

G.M. says:
Since I bought News Rover, I have always downloaded and tried any other newsreader software that looks like it may be better than News Rover. I have tried many, many over the last 4-1/2 to 5 years. Nothing comes even close to News Rover. I love the fact that you update your software regularly to fix even tiny problems and to add many new features. It is obvious your company is listening to its customers and giving us what we ask for at a reasonable price. Can we ask any more than that?

E.A. says:
...GREAT program! I've been telling a lot of people about it. I tried a few others like "Picture Agent" and "Extractor 97" which I downloaded from SIMTEL, but they're not nearly as feature rich. It also blows "Pluckit" out of the water... The schedule idea was fantastic! I've used it several times while at work and it's ability to filter out the garbage is wonderful... sure beats going through the messages one by one in "Forte" like I used to.
I wish you guys the best...

S.M. says:
I just wanted to say that News Rover is one of the best buys I have ever made software-wise. I have only had it a few days and am raving about it. Thus far I am blown away by how much easier News Rover has made my life. Thanks for your excellent work!

S.H. says:
I have referred at least 5 people to your wonderful program. It is easy to use once you play around with it and learn it, yet it has many advanced features that others don't. Thanks again for writing quality software and standing behind it after the purchase.

M.D. says:
I just ordered News Rover a couple days ago, and find it much better then Newsbin Pro, which I was using... Thanks, a new and happy customer.

A.J. says:
I just wanted to take the time to comment on News Rover. I have used it for 2 days now and am extremely happy with it. Without a doubt it is much better then any of the other programs out there. I am a registered owner of several other news readers. The one I used the most was PluckIt. I have used PluckIt for about 3 years through a variety of upgrades. It never seemed to get better; every time there was an upgrade more bugs appeared. It was also very unstable.... it would frequently lock up my system. I thought it was related to software interaction, until I started with a new hard disk, only installed Windows and PluckIt, and low and behold the instability and system hang-ups were still there. Your program worked first time... works well, doesn't hang the system, knows how to multi-task with other programs... it is great!!!! Thank You for a great piece of software.

B.W. says:
I have News Rover and have been using it for years!! I Love It!!! I run it so much I had to get another phone line just for it!

M.R. says:
I'm writing this to extend praise rather than get help with problems.

I've been using News Rover now for about 3 years. It has always done what I wanted and more (with some minor bugs of course). Now, I am in awe! This new release has many very nice unexpected benefits. I used to dread going into a newsgroup and seeing 50,000 plus messages. Now, with the combining feature it's a piece of cake! You people are marvelous! Thank you for a very easy product to use over these many years.

A.H. says:
Please allow me to throw my gratitude and appreciation to your support team for this quick turn around resolution. You supplied an answer to our question within a few hours, instead of days. And, your answer was both the exact information we needed, and highly informational as to the new upgrade and the process we needed to follow. I hope this is your standard way of doing business, for it shows a perfect system of customer support and you need to be praised for your efforts.

Please pass this eamil along to your management staff and let them know, from this customer's perspective, this is the way a company should conduct its business. You were attentive, helpful, and took the initiative to provide better information than was requested. That is a wonderful example of a good support team. Good Job!

B.H. says:
You guys never cease to amaze me. I registered News Rover about 3 years ago, and you keep improving the product all the time. Several of the new features (privacy and blocking improvements) are especially useful. One of the best $30 investments I've ever made. Thanks.

A.W. says:
I just had to drop you a quick note. I have been a registered News Rover user for a long time now. Earlier this evening I downloaded and installed Picture Agent just to see what it was like. I uninstalled it before even trying to use it because it is nowhere near as sophisticated or at the same time easy to use as News Rover!! For example, it has no multiple interest group capability, no browse features, and so on. Keep up the good work, I depend on my News Rover.

K.G. says:
I have been trying out News Rover for the past couple of days and I have to say, "Far out!". I have been using Netscape 3.0 to read news since it was released; mostly because I've not been too impressed with other news readers. I am officially impressed, nay, blown away, by News Rover. News Rover has an excellent interface and performs multiple tasks simultaneously. Nice job!

G.I. says:
I purchased your product and have been impressed with its performance. It's an amazing program!!! Easy to use, easy to understand and extremely logical in its design. As a programmer myself, I appreciate the many features of News Rover.

E.Z. says:
Let me say that Rover IS THE BEST PROGRAM I HAVE ON MY COMPUTER. This is something that I have looked for for many years. You have no idea how many hours of surfing that your program has saved me.

L.B. says:
I just wanted to tell you that News Rover is really a great program. It does so much more than I could ever do before. I'm still learning all the unique things it can do. I've had a home computer since 1980. This has got to be one of the most beneficial programs I've ever owned.

R.L. says:
I downloaded and registered version 4 a few weeks ago and I was stunned!

You guys have done an outstanding job, in my opinion. This program was already better than anything out there (and I've tried them all), and you made it ten times better than it was. The software is convenient, easy to use, very capable and does the job with speed and power.

The interface is great now too; and the addition of what you call Interactive Newsgroup Browsing (the ability to download files from a newsgroup without having to create an interest, similar to Agent), was a stroke of genius. I've found it very convenient to try different groups to see if they contained anything worth having before going to the trouble of creating an interest, and it's worked very well.

Altogether I'd say that the program is easily worth twice what you're charging.

T.W. says:
I just want to congratulate you on the latest version of "Rover". When I registered News Rover I thought then, that it was a good program and now, I think it's a superb program. I use Rover all the time and wait in anticipation for each new release, wondering how you can possibly make this already brilliant program any better. But sure enough, you find ways to improve it even further. When I Installed the new version and saw what new features you had added, I just had to drop you a note to say thank you for all the hard work you must be putting in. News Rover as come a long way in such a short period of time, keep up the good work.

T.J. says:
It is such a time saver for me I can't believe I ever did without it!

B.S. says:
It took little over an hour for me to download, demo, and then decide to buy your AWESOME program. You have made my work so much easier -- I track mentions of clients and their products in newsgroups! The scheduling and auto connecting work seamlessly. Bravo to you!

Norm says:
I am sending my money order today to obtain my key. I have found your product to be a miracle worker when it comes to getting the most out of the news groups. Finally no more endless searching for what.

R.T.B. says:
I've been using News Rover with NT4 for ages now and it is the most robust piece of Internet software I own (and I own a lot!). It has NEVER gone wrong. Even dropped lines don't worry it, it just picks up quietly where it left off (unlike nothing else I know). Brilliant! Thanks for a great (and reasonably priced) product.

J.L. says:
I downloaded News Rover for Windows 95 last night, and I installed it tonight. WOW!!! I have been using Agent for a long time now, and I did not think there was anything better out there!

K.H. says:
Your software is absolutely stunning! What a great saving of time and nerves. I am really happy with News Rover.

E.A. says:
Ok, I have checked out all these binary attachment programs and nothing comes close to yours...
Binary News Assistant: Pedantic help, confusing layout, wasted space, filter has some good ideas but limits you to 4 words each, and crashes a lot.
Grabber: Won't even start, plus it's just not powerful enough to be useful.
Tifny: Useless viewer functions are a waste, weak on server side.
Picture Agent: What a hyped up piece of junk, a kid could have programmed this.

News Rover strong points:
The 'Interests' combined with the most powerful filter capability make this the most intelligent program out there. Wow, thumbnails and a built in picture viewer, plus when you see spam you can take immediate action by clicking the picture and killing the sender -- brilliant!

W.P. says:
Just want to drop you a note that News Rover is great for allowing me to keep tabs on our company in the newsgroup. It gives us a guage as to how well we're doing and as stated, you have helped us tremendously. It never ceases to amaze me when I run it at the time I am saving!

M.H. says:
I am extremely happy with News Rover. It is fantastic and works better than I had hoped. I especially like the built in picture viewer. It's the best I've seen and could easily be a product in itself.

R.M. says:
Love your product and use it all the time. I have deleated Free Agent from my machine.

T.B. says:
Great Job!!!
I tried your software for the first time today, and it beats Plukit-32 hands down!! The biggest problem that I was having was getting it to talk to my news server, but I figured it out.
The software is so easy to use you really don't have to read the manual.
Again GREAT JOB, makes my life a whole lot easier!!

N.G. says:
Love the program... and I've tried 'em all.

T.M. says:
Your program is fantastic. I've only been using it for about a week, but it's proved to be one of the best "bang for the buck" programs I've registered in a long time. I collect pictures from Usenet groups, as well as sound bites, and your program has saved me countless hours. I can let it run over night, and in the morning all I need to do is check through the list of files downloaded. (Instead of trying to download those files manually with another newsreader.) It's become a great companion program to my Agent purchase. Keep up the great work with updates!

E.S.G. says:
I just bought a registered copy of the News Rover program, and have been putting it through its paces for a few days now. I just wanted to tell you that it is a fantastic program, and I don't use the word fantastic very often. On a scale of 1 to 10 this one is a 9.
The reason that I like the program is that it saves me a lot of time going through the news groups manually perusing them. I like the way it filters out what I don't want. In addition to what it does, i like the way it does it. Some programmers really did their homework on multi-threading and multitasking.

D.I. says:
I have ordered News Rover as I have been using the newsgroups for downloading pics and spending more time messing about with the process of doing than actually getting any results. The News Rover immediately proved it's benefit by automating this process....
Thanks again for a great program.

R.W. says:
I'm the editor of... I downloaded a trial version of News Rover and was blown away. I'd like to take a look at a full version and review it in my column.

R.H. says:
I can run it forever, and if my computer crashes while it's downloading, on the reboot, it picks up right where it left off.

D.J.K. says:
I been using your program for a couple weeks now and am happy that the pup can now roam around by itself. Just got the key and wanted to report back that the installation went well. The whole experience has gone well. From the ability to demo thru the courteous and prompt handling of my registration. Thanks to all for a great program.

D.G. says:
I downloaded News Rover last night..... I ordered this morning. Even with the 50 limit on the trial, I don't know how much time I saved. For somebody who makes a living (programmer) over the Internet, that's important. The install wizards worked perfectly and I was up and running in less time than it would have taken me to do two downloads manually. At any rate, I give your product two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, dg

D.G. says:
I would like to say that this is one of the coolest programs that I have ever used.

J.B. says:
New Rover is an OUTSTANDING program! Before News Rover, I was a registered user of PluckIt for about a month. During that time, it went through three or four upgrades (not for new features, but to fix problems) and it STILL didn't work correctly! The major problems I had were (not counting the problems that were fixed by the upgrades): [long list of problems]

I like to let my automated newsgroup scanning program run all night, and with PluckIt it was always an adventure to see if it would still be running in the morning. More often than not I would end up with less than 25 files to show for the whole night's work, just because PluckIt died for some stupid reason.

For the week or so I've had it, News Rover has worked PERFECTLY every night! Since it can reconnect automatically if the phone connection is dropped, the only thing that will stop it is if my Internet provider's news feeder goes down (and there is obviously nothing News Rover can do about that). Every morning I have hundreds of files downloaded, and it is ALWAYS still going. It is an excellent piece of work, and I hope it does well for you.

C.W. says:
Since I purchased News Rover my life has improved, and I am able to spend more time with my children -- which I am sure they appreciate. It's the best $30.00 I've spent in a long time. Thanks again.

K.N. says:
Ran great first time without reading instructions. I already ordered the key, and I just downloaded it last night. I like that it will dial and login automatically. I can't believe how easy it was to use. Multiple groups were nice. Some groups get jpegs, and some get text only and it is controlled very easily.

B.A. says:
News Rover is without doubt one of the simplest programs to download, install, and use that I've ever encountered. It's the jet airplane to TIFNY's biplane. I use it every day--and night--and I can't speak highly enough of it. If every program were written this well and performed this well, from Windows 95, 98, et. al., through all the rest, we'd all be a helluva lot less frustrated with our computers--because things would finally work right, and the way they're supposed to. (And no, I don't have a stake in S & H Computer Systems, publisher of News Rover. I'm simply being honest.)

C.P. says:
I have supported shareware software for a long time now, and most of the time, I don't feel I got my money worth. Your software however has been a joy to work with, the updates are fast and effective, and support has been virtually unneccesary. I hope you continue the level of support you are and that it will keep you successful in all of your endeavors.

J.A. says:
Great product!!!! I've used many other news collector programs, and I can honestly say that none compare to New Rover. Keep up the good work.

M.O. says:
Great product, been using it for a while now and can't say enough good things about it. A fantastic time saver, I usually start it up when I get ready for bed, it is still going when I get up the next morning.

D.T. says:
After using your News Rover program for just a couple days, I find it to be an excellent utility that no one should be without. At this time, I would like to purchase a key to update my demo version to its full potential.

M.B. says:
Sunday morning, a friend told me about News Rover. I downloaded it, was set up IN 15 MINUTES, running, doing JUST WHAT I DREAMED OF DOING, getting my postings onto my disk fast and WITHOUT sitting there supervising the process posting by posting.

M.C. says:
I really like the product and think you have done a great job on a utility that was badly needed. I had almost given up using the newsgroups because of spam. The Include and Exclude features are wonderful.

D.S. says:
Just registered my copy of News Rover and it is doing an outstanding job of retrieving messages and attachments from newsgroups--am astounded by the speed and ease of use!

Dr. A.M. says:
I plan to buy your product. It is far superior to FREE AGENT (Forte') and much better than other news gatherers I have tried to use... I can see that you care about customers and customer support.

H.H. says:
... congratulations on a magnificent product! I just paid for my registration key and can't wait to start using it...

J.B. says:
Of every product that I have looked at so far, yours is definitely the best.

M.R. says:
I have downloaded the Win '95 demo of News Rover and found it to be an exceptional product. I will definitely be registering it and recommending it to others.

D.G. says:
Downloaded News Rover a couple of days ago. What a great program. I'm telling all my NG friends about it... and I'll be buying the 'real' version shortly. Good Luck.

D.S. says:
It is a pleasure to use News Rover. I previously purchased Pluckit - that software is diabolical!!! Your stuff is very user friendly and the documentation support is great.

B.N. says:
... I've been using your product for about a week. GREAT program!! ...

P.H. says:
I love the product ... I have had no problems with the first version. It has been working great. Keep up the good work.

C.L. says:
Your Setup Wizard for News Rover is the best installation wizard I have run across. It explained in easily understandable language what was about to happen and "talked" me through the installation process in a very reassuring way. My trepidation--always high when installing new software--was minimized. Thank you for designing it so well.

K.S. says:
I think News Rover is great...(I'm a programmer myself) ... I use Rover almost every day!

R.I. says:
This is to report that I ran a download session, scanning an entire group of newsgroups, for binary files only, without properly configuring download limits and turned my monitor off. Fourteen-and-a-half hours later, I discovered News Rover still working, and it had downloaded nearly 800 files totaling in excess of 60 megabytes! If this is not a test of its stability, I don't know what is.

D.B. says:
This is an outstanding program and I like it very much... So far this program is what we use to call in the military service GI PROOF (meaning you cann't break it or get it to stop working correctly or mess it up.)

B.G. says:
News Rover is the best news tool I've seen and you can tell anybody you want that I said so!

A.H. says:
I'm currenly downloading stuff off the newsgroups while sending you this message about your new version of News Rover. So far I've had no problems with your software. In fact, you have the easiest to use newsgroup and usenet gathering system I've ever used!
It's certainly worth the money.

M.C. says:
I have registered and I gotta tell you that your News Rover is great. I have tried out about 5 different programs and yours is the best.

J.B. says:
I love the way it runs and would say it is one of the best programs I have tried out in a long while. You folks seem to really stay on top of your stuff. (sure beats the hell out of trying out some of that MS stuff that is supposedly ready for the consumer)... Again, GREAT program and GREAT support.

Ralph says:
I just downloaded the demo version of News Rover, and I absolutely love it. It is by far the best news reader I have tried, and I fully intend to register it.

D.R. says:
I downloaded and registered News Rover yesterday after being a long time Agent 1.8 user. I must say that I LOVE NEWS ROVER already. I just set up all 19 of the news servers that I have access to, and I am looking forward to learning more about the capabilities of this wonderful program.

C.S. says:
I left News Rover running on my ISDN line, and it has scanned over 1 Gigabyte of messages and is still running without stopping.

S.B. says:
I would like to start by giving you guys kudos for such a great and efficient program. This is about as useful and indispensible a program for the Internet as I would ever want. Great job.

R.M. says:
My wife and I registered News Rover -- what a GREAT program -- nothing compares to it!
PS. Does your company make any other programs? If you do please let me know! If they are anything like this it is sold..!

C.R. says:
Without doubt, the best news retrieval program on the net.

M.S. says:
My investment in News Rover has been my best investment in software. I tell everyone I know about it.

J.C. says:
A picture collector, I am using News Rover everyday. Congratulations: I am delighted. What a wonderful automatization tool. I must congratulate you.

M.U. says:
I wanted you to know (it's me, the 24-hour News Rover guy) that your program has no trouble with stability. I can run it forever, and if my computer crashes while it's downloading, on the reboot, it picks up right where it left off.

B.M. says:
I registered News Rover last week and have since found it to be an invaluable time-saver for searching newsgroups for particular topics, searching newsgroups for answers to my posts, etc.

J.H. says:
I am very pleased with your product... the most useful in my tools for gathering information from the net.

A.C. says:
I pulled the demo version of News Rover, and I must say that of all the newsbots I've seen your's is far and away the best one.

G.E. says:
As a long time News Rover user, I just want to say how much I like this software. I subscribe to many newsgroups from gaming groups to photography and News Rover is such a handy piece of software for getting all the messages and some great photos from a scenic newsgroup I subscribe to. Viewing the pictures with the handy slide show feature is really great. I have it configured to automatically download using the Auto Scan feature and find it really useful. It allows me to download all the messages in the middle of the night and read them the next day. You've got a great program here, and I just wanted to pass along how happy I've been with it. Anyway, thanks for creating one hell of a great newsreader.

J.&K.R. say:
Outstanding... What a concept to download files from newsgroups, and at the same time read your regular newsgroup. Just basically outstanding... A great piece of work.

G.S. say:
We purchased News Rover, a great product! FYI mine runs 24 hours a day on our internet to capture some message/files for our use.

S.I. says:
I had heard that your support is great, and yet I did not expect this kind of quick service. I work for a renound technology company, and trust me, a lot of companies will die to achieve this kind of efficiency.

M.S. says:
Many thanks for your fine program. It is one of the best values in software I have gotten in a long time.

G.A. says:
I've been well satisfied with this software. What I had to spend 2 hours/day doing if I wanted the files using Netscape, I now do in 15-20 minutes (a block of time I can more easily afford!)

L.J.G. says:
Just a note to say how much I enjoy using News Rover. I switched over (from Agent) when I changed to Alibis news server. Having it already customized gave your program a MAJOR leg up. I'm still learning how to use News Rover (some of it still mystifies me), but that's how it is with any software - the more features it has, the more there is to learn. Keep up the good work.

D.W. says:
Thanks a million for News Rover. I have it running constantly, and it downloads 100's of Megabytes a week while I go about my other computer tasks.

K.F. says:
I oughta tell you that after using Rover for 5 years or so it is still the most amazing and reliable piece of software I know. Hey, it got me through all the trials and tribulations of [newsserver] epic struggles this summer! I shudder to think what it must have been like for folks with other newsreaders.

E.L. says:
You guys have an amazing product that I use almost daily. Keep up the great work!

C.D. says:
I want to reiterate my opinion that News Rover is by far, the best newsreader. I had been using UltraLeecher in lieu of News Rover, but I have become increasingly frustrated at the freezup of my system and the huge drain on my system. I have happily returned to NewsRover.

J.P. says:
Howdy, this is hands down the best news browser I have ever used, and I have used them all, and have been using NNTP since its inception.

D.R.S. says:
Just a brief note to thank you for a great piece of software. It really works well and you can count me as a satisfied (and registered) user.

K.J. says:
Since installing News Rover several years ago, I have had a few occasions to contact your technical support. On every occasion your technical assistance has been "dead on" with the correct answer to my question in the first correspondence. It is refreshing to purchase a product from a company that claims to provide after the sale support, and when the support is needed it is provided. No attitude, no extended e-mail exchanges for a simple question, just the answer. It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you, and I will continue to patronize S&H Computer Systems.

G.H. says:
I just want to say that this the best news reader I have ever used. I love the keyboard commands for it. I tried a few other news readers, and I just don't like them compared to News Rover, so keep up the good work.

M.N. says:
I just wanted to say thank you very much for a well written piece of software that does everything the ad copy says it does.

H.W. says:
Just wanted to drop you guys a line and say Thank You very much for the excellent customer support. You always give quick useful replies to any question I ever posed. That is very rare today.

F.M. says:
Okay, not only did you guys fix my problem, answered me on a Sunday, and fixed another problem on my machine. You've just made every penny I spent on your product worth it 10 times over.