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Features - Unattended Scanning & Download
News Rover is a very powerful tool and can easily and quickly build up a rather large collection of pictures and files.

There are two ways to use News Rover to get pictures and other types of files. The first way is to set up an interest group for the types of files you are interested in getting. To do this, simply click on the "Autoscan Interest Groups" Then the wizards will guide you through the creation of the interest group.

We'll name our interest group "Pictures". Then click 'Next'
In the next screen, we will select the radio button that sets News Rover to 'only get messages that have attached files' and then check 'only scan message if a filename is in the subject'. Now we will check the radio dial 'Select these types' and enter in 'jpg' in the edit box to get only the pictures out of all the files that might be on the newsgroup. This is a small effort to get out some of the "spam" (or junk messages) that are on the Usenet.
Here is where we select the newsgroups we want News Rover to search through. There are several ways to select a newsgroup. The way shown is not the only way. Enough talk though, the training shall continue. (step 1) Click in the bottom right hand box where it says 'pictures/sounds/binaries' (step 2) and then click 'Pictures'. That will bring up a list of just picture newsgroups that is non-adult oriented, if you wish to go the adult route, simply choose the adult section. (step 3) Click on any of the newsgroups that are brought up in larger center box and then (step 4) click 'Select Newsgroup'. When you have selected all the newsgroups you want, click 'Next'.
Note: You can select more than one newsgroup.

Now you are finished with the creation of the Autoscan interest group. If you ever want to change any of the setting, all you do is right click on whichever interest group you want to change and click 'properties'.

Okay, now you are ready to start the autoscan and get pictures! Simply click on the running dog and you are off!