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Features - Spam Elimination

If you browse Usenet newsgroups much, you are no doubt aware that there are a great number of "spam" advertisements posted to many newsgroups. News Rover can help you filter out spam by using these methods:

  1. You can eliminate messages that are cross-posted to more than some number of newsgroups you specify. Typically, spam advertisements are posted with a long list of target newsgroups. By specifying a cutoff of, say, 10 newsgroups, you can eliminate these messages.
  2. Once your see a message you will never receive another copy of it. News Rover maintains a database with the ID strings for all messages you have received. If a duplicate copy of a message arrives, it is discarded.
  3. You can use an Exclude expression to eliminate messages that contain certain words or phrases. For example, you might want to eliminate messages containing "Make money fast" or "Amazing opportunity". You can also exclude all messages posted by a certain sender. Alternatively, you can use an Include expression to accept only messages with words of intrest to you.
  4. News Rover maintains a list of the names of files that it has received. If another file with the same name is encountered, it is rejected because it is a duplicate. So once you see a spam picture attachment, you won't see it again.
  5. If you encounter objectionable messages posted by the same person you can add the address of that person to the blocked sender list. This will prevent you from receiving any more messages from that person.
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