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Features - Scanning Multiple News Servers
If you have access to more than one news server, you can specify up to 32 servers in News Rover. News Rover keeps track of which newsgroups are available on each news server, presents the appropriate newsgroup list based on which server is selected, and only attempts to scan newsgroups that are appropriate for a server. You can create interest groups that contain newsgroups on one server and newsgroups on a different server (as well as newsgroups that are available on all servers). When the same newsgroup is scanned on multiple servers, the duplicate message elimination feature of News Rover prevents it from collecting duplicate copies of messages that are on multiple servers. Multi-part file reconstruction can combine parts of files found on different servers; this greatly increases the chance of getting complete files that have many parts.

If you define more than one news server, you can set up an automatic scan list. You choose which news servers are to be scanned and assign priority numbers to the servers. When you click Run, News Rover scans the newsgroups on the highest priority news server and then does the scan for lower priority news servers. If you wish, you can exclude some servers from the automatic scan list, and you can disable automatic scanning and manually select a news server to be scanned. If you have configured News Rover to dial your news servers automatically, it will do the dialing as it switches between servers.