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Features - Your Privacy

Because you must provide personal data to enable us to process your News Rover registration, you have a right to know what our policy is regarding the use of this information.

The information you provide to us when you register News Rover is soley for the purposes of processing your order, and enabling us to contact you regarding software updates.

Information about our News Rover customers is never sold or otherwise made available to any other company or organization.

We are aware that a wide variety of information and files are available on Usenet newsgroups. We have no interest in what newsgroups you utilize or what messages you read or post. We do not log any information about what you download using News Rover, but you may want to contact the news server that you use to find out if they log any information about your downloads or message posts. Periodically, News Rover checks our site to see if a new version of News Rover is available. If a new version is available, an announcement message is displayed. During the version check, your registered name and licensing status is also checked. This check is made by connecting to port 7520 on an update server we operate; so if you have a firewall, you must open port 7520 to enable new version checks.

Here is a full list of all TCP/IP ports that News Rover uses:

25 = SMTP server for outgoing e-mail
26 = Search server for Newsgroup Search feature
110 = POP server for incoming e-mail
119 = NNTP Usenet news server
7520 = Check for new versions of News Rover

News Rover does not accept any incoming connections, so you are welcome to block any or all incoming connections.

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