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Features - Multi-part File Reconstruction
Some of the most interesting attached files are too big to fit in a single newsgroup message, so they are split into multiple messages. Usually the subject indicates a multi-part post by including a notation such as "(1/15)", "(2/15)", etc.

News Rover will collect multiple messages that contain the parts of a file and reconstruct the complete file. This is done automatically; you receive the complete file without even being aware of the reconstruction process.

In some cases, all of the messages that comprise a multi-part file may not be available during a single News Rover session. In fact, they may dribble in over the course of several days. News Rover can handle this. News Rover maintains a database with information about which parts of a multi-part file have been acquired. As new parts show up during subsequent runs, News Rover stores each part until all of the parts have been found. You can specify how many days News Rover should store the parts of an incomplete file before giving up on it.

Frequently, large multi-part files are "cross posted" to multiple newsgroups. If you set up your Interest Group so that News Rover searches multiple newsgroups, it will combine parts of the file that it finds on any of the newsgroups. If a part of the file is missing from one newsgroup, News Rover may be able to find it on another newsgroup. This greatly increases your chances of reconstructing files that have been split into many messages.

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