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Features - Interest Groups

An "Interest Group" specifies what kind of messages you want News Rover to find for you. There are quite a few things that you can specify for an Interest group, here are a few:

  • The list of newsgroups to be searched. You can specify a single newsgroup or as many as you wish.
  • An Include expression. If you provide an Include expression, only messages that match the expression are saved.
  • An Exclude expression. If you provide an Exclude expression, a message that matches it is specifically excluded. You can use this to help avoid receiving messages posted by spammers.
  • Control over whether you only want to receive messages that have attached files (useful for binary picture newsgroup collecting).
  • The minimum and maximum acceptable sizes of attached files. (A minimum size allows you to reject tiny or low quality pictures that are not worth viewing.)
  • The type of attached files you wish to collect. You can choose to receive all file types, or you can specify a set of file types such as JPG, GIF, MPG, WAV, etc.

You can define any number of interest groups. For example, you might define one interest group that collects any message that has an attached file, and set up the interest group to search a number of binary picture newsgroups. You might set up a second interest group to search through genealogy newsgroups looking for your family name. You might set up a third interest group to search through newsgroups looking for some computer accessory that you want to buy.

News Rover does it all!

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