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Features - Genealogy Research

The Internet is one of the greatest resources for genealogical research. Thousands of people who are researching their family interest exchange information this way every day. In fact, the genealogy newsgroups are among the most active Usenet newsgroups in existance. Some of the most popular genealogy newsgroups are:

However, it is a tedious and time-consuming task to search through thousands of messages posted to genealogy newsgroups to find ones relavent to your interests.

News Rover is the ideal tool for scanning the genealogy newsgroups and fetching only messages of interest to you. Because News Rover allows you to specify complex message selection expressions with AND, OR, NEAR and NOT operators, you can pick up messages that meet very exacting criteria. For example, if you are looking for information about the Haines family that settled in Maine, you could specify the search expression:

 Haines and Maine
Let's say that you are looking for information about the Haines family from Maine, and you know that the immigrating member of the family was Samuel Haines who arrived on a ship named the "Angel Gabriel". In that case, you might use this search expression:
  (Haines and Maine) or (Samuel Haines near Angel Gabriel)
Perhaps you are also researching the Phillips family that immigrated to South Carolina from England. In that case you could add an entry for that family:
  (Haines and Maine) or (Samuel Haines near Angel Gabriel) or
  (Phillips and South Carolina) or (Phillips and England)

NewsDemon Newsgroups offers free access to Usenet genealogy newsgroups. Click here for information.

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