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Features - Picture Gallery

One of the most popular uses for News Rover is downloading, decoding, and viewing picture files attached to Usenet messages. To make this process as efficient as possible, News Rover includes a "Picture Gallery" feature.

As pictures are received for an Interest Group they are stored in a holding directory associated with the interest group. When you select the picture gallery for the interest group, you are shown an array of thumbnail pictures of the pending pictures for the interest group. You can control the size of the thumbnail pictures, but usually 9 to 12 are visible at a time. You can adjust the size of the gallery display to match your screen size. You can use the scroll bar, the Page up/down keys, and the arrow keys to move through the set of pictures in the gallery.

If you wish to see the full size version of a picture in the gallery, simply place the cursor over the thumbnail image and click the left mouse button. To remove a picture, place the cursor over the thumbnail image and press the Delete key.

As you find pictures in the gallery that you wish to add to your permanent collection, just position the cursor over the thumbnail image and click the right mouse button. A popup menu will appear with "Save" and "Save as" options. When you click "Save" the original, full size picture file will be moved to the permanent storage directory that you have associated with the interest group.

You can view and manage pictures in the gallery while News Rover is running and collecting more messages and pictures. With the picture gallery you can review hundreds of pictures in a few minutes and quickly select the ones that are worth saving.

Since you're using News Rover, you've probably got a pile of pictures. And if you've got a pile of pictures, you've got duplicates! Until now... Be sure to stop by and grab a copy of d'peg!, a one of a kind duplicate image file manger written by a newsgroup hound for newsgroup hounds. Find, Compare, Delete, Rename, and Move duplicate image files from multiple directories and drives (even ZIP's and M/O's) using traditional, fuzzy, and intelligent methods inluding Name, Size, Checksum, Color usage, and even Pattern recognition to find images that have been rotated or flipped! Special price of $14.95 being offered to News Rover customers responding to this ad. Please be sure to mention this in the comments area of the online registration to receive this price.

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