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What Is News Rover
News Rover is a Usenet newsreader that features a built-in search engine for finding messages in any Usenet newsgroup. Just enter keywords and News Rover will instantly find matching messages in any newsgroup. News Rover has full support for NZB files, and it includes a built-in RAR/PAR processor for handing RAR file posts. News Rover also has a JPEG picture gallery, password protection and file encryption for privacy.
c|net: "Easily the client with the best automated newsgroup message retrieval".
"News Rover excels at sifting through multiple servers, multiple newsgroups, and all the ensuing messages, then downloading only those that match the criteria you set. You can program News Rover to dial up on a schedule you set, winnow Usenet, deposit messages and even binary files onto your drive, then log off. Classy, cool, and sophisticated."

PC World: "Cool Tool of the Day"
"Not only does this thing do all the usual stuff that newsreaders do, ... it stands head and shoulders above the rest of the rabble because it lets you sort your newsgroups by your interests and keywords, then only plucks out those articles, pictures, and binaries you want to read. Cool!"

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